Langley United takes Pacific Cup

Fusion mens soccer

Images by: Erich Eichhorn (ISN)

November 17, 2013, Victoria (ISN) – Langley United of the Fraser Valley Soccer league defeated Saanich Fusion in the Pacific Cup final by the score of 4-2. The game was played on the turf at Tyndall Field and was an exciting game to watch.

The first half was filled with great chances by both teams with Langley creating the early chances but Gordie Elliot Jr scored in the 19th minute to make it 1-0 for Saanich.

Saanich Fusion’s Patrick Nelson pushes the ball into Langley United’s end. – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

The Langley keeper, Jesse Richardson made a couple of great saves to keep the score at 1-0 and the Langley tied the game in the 34th minute when a Saanich Fusion defender deflected to ball into his own net. Langley went ahead 2 – 1 at the 41minute on a superb header by Sean Patterson.

United’s Brent Wantke challenges Fusion’s Gord Elliot for the ball. Yeomans would score the first of the Fusion’s two goals in the game. – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Langley came out strong in the second half and went ahead by 3-1 at 65th minute mark on goal by Andre Costa. Saanich Fusion put the pressure on only to have Devon Gilroy score for Langley on a cannonading drive in the 84th minute.

United’s Ethan Claibourne-Collins checks Nathan Bird off the ball – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

During the last minutes of play Saanich Fusion applied great pressure and their efforts were rewarded when Mike Moon scored on a great shot from just past the halfway line. He had looked up and seen the keeper off his line and took the shot.

Brent Wantke sends the ball cross field to an advancing teammate – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Saanich Fusion’s coach, Steph Steiner was a bit disappointed with his teams performance as he felt they came out a bit flat and thought that Langley was the better team on the day and were deserving of their win. He thought that both teams created chances but Langley United finished theirs and his team did not. The team looks forward to competing in the provincial championships and hopes that they would get a rematch with the Langley United side.

Saanich Fusion would try to exploit the deep side line ball for the cross as a Fusion player runs down this pass – Erich Eichhorn image ( )


Langley’s Sean Patterson celebrates after beating Saanich Fusion’s goalkeeper – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

PLSC Lakers 1 1

Gorge FC 1 2

PLSC Lakers 1

Goals: Mathew Ablitt

Gorge FC 1

Goals: Nicholas D Mcnally Dawes, Brady Neil

Castaways FC 1 4

Bays United Liquor Plus 1 4

Castaways FC 1

Goals: Steve Shivas, Justin Neuffer, Shaun Wallis, Chris Macisaac

Bays United Liquor Plus 1

Goals: Mackenzie Rigg, Scot Jones, Matthew Northrup, Own Goal

Nanaimo United FC 1 0

Cowichan FC 1 1

Cowichan FC 1

Goals: Steven Scott

Shutouts: Joel Wilson

Lakehill Reds Teamsales 1 1

Vic West FC 1 3

Lakehill Reds Teamsales 1

Goals: Alexander Rennison

Vic West FC 1

Goals: Stuart Bancroft, Derek De Groot, Drew Brittain


Friday, November 22nd, 2013

07:00 PM

Saanich Fusion FC 1 @ Gorge FC 1

Hampton Park

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

07:00 PM

Vic West FC 1 @ PLSC Lakers 1

Prospect Lake SC

07:00 PM

Lakehill Reds Teamsales 1 @ Nanaimo United FC 1

Merle Logan Turf

08:00 PM

Cowichan FC 1 @ Bays United Liquor Plus 1