November 27, 2013, Victoria (ISN) – PISE (Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence) is excited to announce the launch of Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities (MEGA), a physical literacy guide for instructors. Partnering with Active for Life, MEGA was developed by PISE Physical Literacy Coordinators, Kelly Graham and Andrea Pask to fill a need for an easy to use physical literacy guide.

The 108 page guide discusses developmental characteristics of children, creating optimal challenge, modifications and developmental appropriateness, dealing with behaviour problems, cues for fundamental movement skills, example lessons, and a blank lesson plan template.

In addition there is a games resource that is broken down into the first three stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) – Active Start (0-6), Fundamentals (Boys 6-9, Girls 6-8) and Learning to Train (Boys 9-12, Girls 8-11). These three stages are defined as the stages of physical literacy, all having a focus on fundamental movement skills with the latter two stages introducing fundamental sport skills. “The goal is to expose kids to as many skills as possible to expand their movement vocabularies. The thought is that if we give kids the confidence and competence in a wide range of skills they are more likely to continue with physical activity throughout their life” says Graham.

Instructors, including teachers, recreation leaders and coaches, will find the guide user friendly and time efficient, as they adapt the skills to the age group they are working with. Once you pick your age group and skill there will be a list of games that you can play that will develop that skill. Then the instructor can just search the document and copy and paste the game into their daily lesson plan.

“We believe in teaching physical literacy through games and play,” adds Graham. “The best thing you can do as a leader is make physical activity FUN because if it’s fun the kids will come back”.

The resource is available at http://activeforlife.com/lesson-plans-and-resources-3/