By Jesse Watts

November 28, 2013 (ISN) – It may not be the thickest or most impressive specimen out there, but Damon Severson definitely has some growth on his upper lip.  As do most of his Kelowna Rockets’ teammates.  After all, this is November, the month for growing moustaches.

Severson’s Rockets, like the other 21 WHL Clubs, are taking part in Movember, the annual moustache-growing campaign to raise money and awareness for male cancers.  As Severson points out, when you get 20 plus teenage boys growing moustaches, the results can be, well, mixed.

“We’ve got a little competition going, and there’s stuff on the line within the team,” said Severson.  “All the guys are attempting to grow one, and some are pretty good, others not so much…the young guys, the 16-year-olds who are still growing, they try real hard and they think they’re doing a good job, but it’s pretty hilarious to see how they get beat by a fair distance by the older guys.

“It’s always funny at the end of the month when guys have to dye their moustaches, and it’s pretty funny to see some of the results,” he said.

Of course, there may be more than a few laughs and some good-natured ribbing going on through the Movember effort, yet all those involved know what’s really on the line, and what the purpose of the moustache growing really serves.

All the WHL Clubs, Clubs from the OHL and the QMJHL, the CHL officials (or, Mofficials), and the CHL and regional League offices all team up under the CHL banner for the Movember campaign.  The combined efforts have raised over $100,000 to benefit various organizations that focus on prostate and testicular cancer awareness, education & research, and offer support for people living with or who have survived cancer.

“We’ve been pretty heavily involved here over the last few years I’ve been on the team,” he said.  “It’s awesome to know you can raise that much money, and being part of such a great League.

“To be able to participate in Movember and help such a worthy cause is something I’m very proud of,” said Severson.

To view the Canadian Hockey League’s Movember page and to donate, CLICK HERE