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By: Kevin Wilson

December 1, 2013 (ISN) – Wet Soggy Cleats? Local innovation DRYFEET Performance Footgear has the answer. Official gear sponsors of Rugby Canada, Victoria based DRYWORLD Industries’ first product is DRYFEET Performance Footgear.

A waterproof, technical overshoe for soccer and rugby cleats, it keeps boots dry and warm in the wet and cold, won’t overheat your feet in the heat, and has compression and touch benefits as well.


In the depths of our winter climate, the need to keep your feet dry on the pitch couldn’t be simpler. It rains hard, and that won’t stop any serious soccer or rugby player from training hard!

From concept to completion, DRYFEET Performance Footgear was born in the wet coastal climate of lower Vancouver Island. It all started with Camosun’s own SPIN. This high performance testing lab was the incubator that turned local Victoria Rugby players Matt Weingart and Brian McKenzie’s big dream into a fully functional performance sports product. That was the beginning.

Since its inception, DRYWORLD Industries has grown from one basic goal, to make athlete’s simple, purposeful, performance enhancing products. With a strong team of local talent including a recent partnership with Victoria based online marketing firm Digalytical, DRYWORLD is taking huge strides to carve out it’s niche in the global sports apparel market.


Aggressive ad campaigns in publications such as Rugby World, FourFourTwo, and 90 Minutes paired with involvement on the ground floor of the International Rugby Board’s build up towards the Olympic games in 2016 have brought this small elite company to the world stage in a dramatic fashion.

See what Matt and Brian had to say at the Inaugural IRB Conference and Exposition:


With an ever growing online presence, a strong lineup of products in the testing phase, and an upcoming strategic launch, our very own home grown sporting goods company, DRYWORLD Industries, is utilizing all of the tools available in this fast paced new world of business. With the help of tools such as Twitter, they have been able to network faster and more precisely than ever before. Connecting with many huge names in the UK Rugby and Soccer world such as Canadian National team player and Glasgow Warrior DTH van der Merwe and Canadian Women’s and FC Kansas City Soccer Defender Lauren Sesselmann, the product has gained global traction at an extremely rapid rate.

Ask around and you’re sure to know someone who has a pair, or has heard of DRYFEET. For more information check out their website at www.dryworldindustries.com and search for them on your favorite social media channel.

DRYFEET Introductionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7a2KXV97Ws

How to put on DRYFEEThttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v



SPIN at PISE: The Sport Innovation and Research Center is located in the nation’s premier sport education and training centre. This 80,000 square foot facility serves over 500 college students and is home to world-class athletes, physiologists, and sport technology researchers. It houses state-of-the art community and high performance fitness centres, a double gymnasium, a fully lit multi-sport playing field, and a sport medicine clinic. This facility also operates a high performance testing and monitoring lab dealing with Olympic, Paralympics, and regional athletes and assists them in powering their sport performance. 

link to SPINhttp://piseworld.com/about-spin/