Hockey Now

By Sam Laskaris

December 15, 2013 (ISN) – Canada is still Number 1. Though the country last won a gold medal at the World Junior Championships in 2009, it still tops the list of tournament winners. Since the International Ice Hockey Federation’s first official WJC was staged in 1977, Canada has won the event a record 15 times.

Early on the tournament was dominated by the then Soviet Union, which captured the gold medal in each of the first four years. Sweden then ended the Soviets’ domination by taking top honours in 1981. That was followed by Canada’s first championship in ’82.

Up until that point Canada only had a silver medal (’77) and a bronze medal (’78) to show for its participation in the global tourney. Canada’s 15 gold medals ranks the country ahead of the combined Soviet Union/Russia contingents, which have amassed 13 gold medals, in the tournament’s 37-year history.

The defending champions from the United States sit a distant third in the list of WJC winners. The U.S. has won the event a total of three times. The only other countries that have tasted gold at the WJC are the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden. All three of these nations struck gold two times each.

Canadians, who like to boast they ice the world’s best hockey teams, can certainly brag they are Number 1 when it comes to gold medals at the WJC.

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