canadian freestyle ski

December 15, 2013, BEIDA LAKE, CHINA (ISN) – Canada’s National Aerial Team started their Olympic year in China this weekend. All three competitors qualified for finals with Milton, Ontario’s Travis Gerrits finishing the day just beyond the medals in fourth place.

Gerrits entered the Super Final (The top four compete in a final medal round.) in third position after nailing a Full double Full Full. His Super Final Lay double Full Full while executed exactly as planned was not enough to beat the higher difficulty of a double Full Full Full performed by the Chinese and Belarussian. His fourth place finish secures his position as a member of Canada’s Olympic team headed to Sochi.

Montreal’s Jean-Christophe André finished the day in 11th position after upping his degree of difficulty with a Full double Full Full. While his practice jumps had been solid, his competition jump was off-balance both in the air and his landing.

On the women’s side, Laval’s Sabrina Guérin finished in 12th position. Going into finals, she was ninth and had what coach Daniel Murphy called “probably her best Full Full of the winter, but she sat back and missed her landing.”

The team is now headed towards Beijing where they will compete in the 2008 Olympic stadium known as the Bird’s Nest. This competition will have a huge audience and will be performed with trucked-in snow on massive scaffolding.