by Dale Trenholm

December 16, 2013 (ISN) – Have you ever wondered how the most successful athletes or working professionals become very successful? By the way, these people make up only three percent of the world’s population. Do you want to know what the top three percent of the most successful people do to reach their goals? Of course you do.

What I am about to show you, is how to become more successful with your sport then you are now by using your mind, which in time, will put you above your competitor. Your mind is the key to reaching your full potential; your body is just a tool to get it done.

Goal setting: “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” – Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in America in the early 1900s.

Now, this is advice from the richest man in America in his time. He had command of his thoughts, which in turn helped him manifest his success. Think about this for a moment…if he had command of his thoughts to be the richest man, what thoughts are you in command of today, at this very moment; which thoughts consume your everyday life; which thoughts command how successful you want to be in your sport and life?

Are you consumed with fear of losing, do you put yourself down all the time, lack of confidence, or maybe too many distractions? Do you lack motivation and goals, or not know how to do something? Maybe your goals are not challenging enough? Whatever the case, the thoughts you have are manifesting what you have in your sport today; they are manifesting where you are with your sport, and they will manifest where you will go with your sport. Thoughts are like water ripples, a vibration, creating a ripple effect that is affecting your sport. This is very powerful to know because this puts 100 percent control back into your hands. This very moment, you can begin to change how you think, react, act, and begin take action with your sport and life. There are no excuses, just excuses!

Defining what you want with your sport is key to your success and attracting the right people, circumstances, and events, even if you don’t know exactly how you are going to get there. You have to know where you are going to get there or you are just a leaf in the wind, lacking focus and direction.

Once you define your optimal goal with your sport, the course has been set, just like the GPS in your vehicle; you just need to put some action into the mix. There will be of course, considerations to try and talk yourself out from reaching your optimal goal. You will face challenges, events, and roadblocks, but this is normal. What is most important now is defining an optimal goal that will challenge you, but will at the same time be realistic.

Think of a goal like a puzzle. You have the enjoyment to decide the puzzle you want to build with your sport and which puzzle motivates you into action. Like when you go downtown to buy a puzzle, you know what the picture looks like, you are motivated to build it, and of course, you know it will take time and work to create it. It is your job, now, to enjoy the journey and find the pieces to your puzzle.

Don’t worry about how you are going to get there – the how will take care of itself. Just imagine what you want with your sport, the baby steps to getting there can be sorted out later. Knowing what your puzzle will look is the first step to finding the right pieces, knowing which ones fit where, and, most importantly, you will know when you have finished your puzzle.

So don’t delay. Start today. Begin to gain command of your thoughts that will help your sport and life. Define your optimal sport goal by creating your puzzle by creating a picture either by drawing it or using photos of what it looks like, then paste this on the wall where you can see it to remind you what you are going after; moreover, creating that very important ripple effect. This will be an excellent process of attracting the pieces to create the puzzle you want with your sport and life.