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December 19, 2013, BANFF, ALBERTA (ISN) – Calgary’s Roz Groenewoud underwent arthroscopic surgery on both knees Tuesday, but is expected to recover in time for the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The 2012 X Games Champion and 2011 World Champion was competing at the Dew Tour in Colorado last week when she injured her left knee in training. Despite the injury, Groenewoud completed the qualifying run, finished 10th, and secured her place on the Olympic team.

Given the nagging issues of Groenewoud’s right knee, the decision to scope both joints at the same time was made by Groenewoud’s team, including Banff Alberta Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Mark Heard. “The menisci problems of both knees put her at risk for more severe injuries. I’m very optimistic about a speedy recovery,” said Heard, adding that the prognosis is excellent given Groenewoud’s “two very healthy knees in all other respects plus good leg strength and body mechanics.”

Groenewoud is expected to fully recover in four to six weeks, which leaves her Sochi plans in tact. “It wasn’t my plan to have knee surgery this close to the Olympics,” said Groenewoud, but I can’t wait to have two fully functional knees and ski without pain. No one said this Road to Sochi would be easy but, luckily, I like challenges.”