by Ryan McQuillan

December 20, 2013, Victoria (ISN) – Members of the Highlanders Youth Academy travel to Vancouver to take part in the 13th annual Power Tournament presented by TSS Academy and Sportstown BC. The tournament will take place in Sportstown B.C.

Boys and girls ages 9-18 will join 200 other teams in one of B.C.’s largest indoor soccer tournaments. The games will take place on smaller pitches, meaning each player will get lots of touches on the ball and experience faster paced soccer. The players will get to experience other aspects of the game under the Highlanders’ Way such as travelling with a team and tournament competition. The Highlanders Way focuses on tactical, intelligent soccer focused on player and team growth in a low-pressure environment. Highlanders’ coaches Neil Sedgwick, Steve Simonson, Riley O’Neill, Kelly Nystedt and Wes Barrett will accompany the players on the trip.

Each age bracket’s tournament consists of a minimum of four 25 minute games over the course of a day. The games will be either 4 vs. 4 or 5 vs. 5 depending on if the game takes place in Sportstown B.C.’s bubble field or arena.

“These types of events are opportunities for players to showcase what they have learned in training and put it into games,” said Barrett. “At the younger ages these tournaments are another way for athletes to get touches, have fun, and grow as soccer players. For the older ages, it’s an opportunity to be competitive against lower mainland teams and maximize touches in a tournament setting.”

The younger ages who fall under the Learn to Train (L2T) category on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Plan, the tournament is meant to be a fun new experience that will open up to the players other aspects of being an athlete. For older players who fall under the Train to Train or Train to Compete levels of the LTAD, the tournament gives them an opportunity to bolster the skills they learn in training with a high level of touches and faster style of play.