#ICONICCANUCK @ VAAA Gallery A - solo show - Brandy Saturley

#ICONICCANUCK @ VAAA Gallery A – solo show – Brandy Saturley

If I had to sum my year up in one word it would be, immersed.

It was a year that seemed to come to a close as quickly as it began. As the art world calendar runs on a September to May schedule, it is hard to write a year end review in December as I am immersed in the mid-point of my professional year.

Maryeve Dufault - by Brandy Saturley 2013 Canadian Tire Jumpstart Calendar

Maryeve Dufault – by Brandy Saturley 2013 Canadian Tire Jumpstart Calendar

January arrived with a slapshot, as my commissioned works for the Canadian Tire Jumpstart calendar ushered in 2013. I also began work on four new paintings for Canadian Tire Jumpstart to be revealed at a later date. The beginning of the year saw more collectors purchasing a print of my goalie mask painting, Goalie’s Mask: red, white & Dryden, with a couple heading to collectors in Edmonton and one to Minnesota. Picking up on the story of this painting, an on-line hockey magazine dedicated to all things Habs, called AllHabs, contacted me about doing an interview about my recent paintings expressing all things Canada. This began the journey towards a solo exhibition in Edmonton scheduled for December titled, #ICONICCANUCK.

2013 Canada's Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Toronto CANADA

2013 Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Toronto CANADA

Summer was filled with more exhibitions and opportunities. Another group show in Vancouver, Painting on The Edge, and the inclusion of one of my pieces in a documentary film by the talented Tiffany Shlain. Then began prep on a commission for Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, Canada. In 2012 my goalie’s mask painting joined the hockey gallery at this Canadian museum of sport and with that relationship came the opportunity to paint a portrait of the class of 2013 inductees. Prints were made and 75 of them were framed and placed as centrepieces on the dinner tables at the induction ceremonies in October 2013, televised on Sportsnet.

2013 Canada's Sports Hall of Fame Inductees - portrait by Brandy Saturley

2013 Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Inductees – portrait by Brandy Saturley

In July, my art found me heading out to Calgary for a live painting event at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and the completion of two portraits for the upcoming induction ceremonies in Toronto. Within a week of returning to Vancouver Island I found myself on an epic adventure down the Oregon Coast, through the California Redwoods and up through the City of Portland.

#ICONICCANUCK - show poster VAAA Gallery, Edmonton

#ICONICCANUCK – show poster VAAA Gallery, Edmonton

The rest of the year was spent in preparation for my solo show in Edmonton. Finishing up paintings, painting the outside of shipping crates, production of a show catalogue and press releases. The show was three years in the making – over 35 paintings edited down to 10, producing a visually striking and concise show titled, #ICONICCANUCK.

It was a year spent immersed in visual culture, nature, art and sport. I was on the road talking about my art as much as I was in the studio and travelling for inspiration.

I ended the year as guest curator of the @PeopleOfCanada twitter feed, tweeting about all things Canada, as seen through my eyes and through others eyes. I was coming full circle as my body of work for #ICONICCANUCK began with a question posted on social media in 2010, asking people, ‘What is a Canadian?’ This year answered my question in so many ways. I am grateful for all the opportunities, events, artists and adventures of this past year. My art, through corporate acquisitions, is now in Toronto, Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. With US collectors in Rancho Mirage and Minnesota.

In summary, this is how this Canadian artist spent her year.

The new work: over 30 paintings and mixed-media pieces produced, as well as a new catalogue of photographs

The shows: OPRAH, Sting, Jersey Boys, Calgary Stampede

Museums toured: VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery), Glenbow, Portland Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, AGA (Art Gallery of Alberta)

Museum shows attended:Ian Wallace: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London – Abstract works of 1940’s America – Dorothy & Herbert Vogel collection 50 works 50 states – M.C. Escher – Ed Ruscha; Cover to Cover – Cyclepedia – Fierce Animal Life in the Portland Art Museum Collection

Painting exhibitions: Painting on the Edge or POTE 2013 at Federation Gallery, Still Life at Federation Gallery, Painting Live @ Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, #ICONICCANUCK – solo show at VAAA Gallery A in Edmonton

Travel: Oregon Coast, Redwoods Forest and National Park, California, Cape Flattery, Calgary, Edmonton, Jasper, CDN Rocky Mountains, Seattle, Portland, International Rose Test Gardens, Port Angeles, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Corporate Acquisitions: Robert P. Assaly Corporation (Edmonton), Prices Alarms (Victoria), Colart Collection (Quebec), Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame (Toronto & Calgary) JANKS Holdings (Victoria)

Commissions: Canadian Tire Jumpstart, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame – original painting made into prints for 75 table centerpieces at 2013 induction ceremonies in Toronto

Collaboration: with Ray ‘Scotty’ Morris – photojournalist of note based in San Francisco – used one of his photos as reference for my Gretzky painting.

2013 Press & BLOG’s of note: interview with AllHabs Magazine, feature on Dennis-Kane.com, Artists in Canada news, A Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada, ArtTrends magazine, Galleries West magazine

Perhaps 2014 will be the year of #IRONICCANUCK.