Dale Trenholm, Sports Results Coach

December 30, 2013 (ISN) – You are great; there is nothing in your sport that you can’t do or can’t have, if you believe strong and long enough and are willing to do what is necessary to attain it. In fact, your belief system creates the results you achieve with your sport this very moment, no matter what the results are. What you believe you can do, you are doing.

What does this mean? It means for some, seeing is believing when determining what they can achieve. It means what they achieve is a direct result of what they see. Don’t get me wrong; this is part of sport because this breeds confidence from within, especially if they are doing really well. But what do they believe if they are not doing as well as they want?

Do they believe that what they see is the extent of how well they can do? In most cases, the answer is yes; athletes believe that they can only achieve the results that they can physically see. What if I told you that you could achieve much more before you even physically see it? This is the next step to becoming a great athlete.

How can this be done, you may ask? How can I achieve much more before I physically see it? By imagining the success you want before you even achieve it. Like I stated earlier, it is easy to be confident and believe in yourself when you achieve great results. At the same time, though, it is easy not to be confident or believe when you are not reaching the results you want. Either way, this is your belief system.

Here is the key to your success: studies show that the sub-conscious (96-98%) part of your brain does not know what is real or imagined, possible or impossible; therefore, it orchestrates itself from your continuous thoughts, and past or present experiences and feelings. Basically, the sub-conscious mind determines who you have been, who you are, and who you will be; however, I don’t believe the sub-conscious mind necessarily determines who you “will be.”

This is the fun and exciting part: we can be whoever we want to be by imagining what we want, not from thinking about what we have experienced. By shifting your inner focus, you can travel to a new destination if you want to. To me, this is very exciting and inspiring.

Stay tuned, Part 2 “Believing is Seeing with your Sport” is next.