Vic Sharks

Story and photos: Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

January 10, 2014, Victoria (ISN) – On Friday night at Wurtele Arena in Naden, the Victoria Hockey League’s Sharks and Penguins faced off at 8:30. With Kyle Harrison in net for the Penguins and Dave Brumby in for the Sharks, the first period was all Sharks while the second was all Penguins.

Blair Tassone scored first, getting the Sharks on the board at 12:03. The puck saw both ends of the ice during this action-filled period and then Tyler Matheson chalked up the second goal for the Sharks which came at 8:31 making it a 2-0 game.

aIMG 6633small
A pre-game discussion between Dave Brumby and Marc Chawrun. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

At 6:51 Wilf Marquis earned the third marker, followed by Danny Johns at 2:57 ending the first period with the scoreboard showing a 4-0 lead for the Sharks.

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Pleasantries between Ben Thornber and Tyler Matheson. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

At 16:34 Mark McKamey opened the scoring for the Penguins but there were no more goals until close to the end of the game but it wasn’t due to lack of effort. Both teams played hard and the net minders did a phenomenal job keeping pucks out.

aIMG 6652small
Sharks’ Tyler Matheson. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

It would be Shane Hughes who would bury the next one in behind Brumby and that goal happened at 2:24.

aIMG 6654small
Penguins’ Cam Williams. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

The final goal in the game came from number 11 Tanner Carter at :11 left in the second, bringing the final score to a 4-3 victory for the Sharks.

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Sharks on the bench. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

The next VHL games will be when the Tritons and the Knights face-off at 8:15 at Pearkes Arena, followed by the Stingers and the Sharks at 9:45.

aIMG 6664small
A collision between Cam Williams and Blair Tassone. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

And check out the VHL website anytime: 

aIMG 6681small
Tyler Matheson makes off with the puck. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6690small
Doug Exner and Sacha Asfar. 
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6709small
Cam Williams and Shaun Lymer. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6713used
Tyler Matheson’s game face. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6739small
Matt King. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6741small
Danny Johns. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6754small
Ben Thornber. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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Face-off between Max Mcloy and Wilf Marquis. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6765small
Wilf Marquis. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6773small
Wade Bray. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6802small
Keep your eye on that puck. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6805small
Penguins Mark McKamey waits for the puck. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6817small
Ben King brings the puck down the ice. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6865small
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6876small
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6882small
Shaun Lymer. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6887small
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6898small
Kyle Harrison. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 6906small
Tyler Matheson. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)