Canada West swimming: UBC leads men’s & women’s events after Day 1; two new records set


Source: Ben Matchett, Communications, U of CAthletics / Photo credit David Moll

CALGARY – With gold medals in seven of 10 events, the UBCThunderbirds men’s and women’s swim teams shot out to healthy leadson the opening day of the Canada West Swimming Championships at theUniversity of Calgary Aquatic Centre Friday night.

After the distance swims and the “splash-and-dash” 50-metre strokeevents, the UBC men scored 218 points to hold a 55-point lead oversecond-place Calgary (163), while the Thunderbird women also leadthe host Dinos by a 249-153 margin.

Lethbridge holds thethird-place position on both sides.

While the Thunderbirds owned the top step of the podium most of thenight, they had to share it with the home side following the mostexciting race of the night, the men’s 4 x 200-metre relay final.The two old rivals went head-to-head, with Calgary owning a slightlead through most of the splits. UBC rookie Jonathan Brown took theanchor leg against the Dinos’ Reid Scarrow, entering the pool witha disadvantage of more than a second and a half – but the twowent stroke-for-stroke down the stretch, both touching the wall in7:16.88 to tie for the gold medal. The time set a new Canada Westrecord in the event, breaking the 2002 mark set by a dominant UBCteam that included Olympians Brent Hayden and Brian Johns.

The excitement of the relay resulted in the second new conferencerecord of the night, with the first coming courtesy UBC’s ColemanAllen in the 50-metre butterfly, where he broke Kelly Aspinall’s2009 record by 13 hundredths in a time of 23.91.

Other Thunderbirds capturing gold on the opening day includedSavannah King in the 800-metre freestyle, Jonathan Brown in the1500 free, and Sergey Holson in the 50 breaststroke. Sarah McLeanled a UBC sweep of the podium in the 50 backstroke, where she wasjoined by Erin Stamp and McKenzie Summers, while the Thunderbirdwomen captured an easy relay victory with a nearly 14-secondadvantage over second-place Calgary.

In addition to the men’s relay, the Dinos captured two other goldmedals on the night. Sophomore Russell Wood topping the podium inthe 50-metre backstroke in a time of 24.87, while Fiona Doyleovercame a slow start to edge UBC’s Tera Van Beilen by just fivehundredths in the 50-metre breaststroke.

The remaining gold went to Alberta’s Kendra Chernoff, who wascrowned champion in the women’s 50-metre butterfly.

The 2014 Canada West swimming championships continue through theweekend, with finals slated for 5 p.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m.Sunday at the University of Calgary Aquatic Centre.


Women 800 Freestyle
1. Savannah King, UBC (8:36.65)
2. Lindsay Delmar, Calgary (8:49.70)
3. Nikki Macleod, Alberta (9:03.94)

Men 1500 Freestyle

1. Jonathan Brown, UBC, 15:27.04
2. Jon McKay, Victoria, 15:29.61
3. Tristan Cote, Calgary, 15:36.46

Women 50 Butterfly
1. Kendra Chernoff, Alberta, 27.53
2. Heather MacLean, UBC, 27.92
3. Charlotte Philpotts, UBC, 27.55

Men 50 Butterfly
1. Coleman Allen, UBC, 23.91 (Canada West record)
2. Dillon Perron, Manitoba, 24.64
3. Ryan Thornley, Lethbridge, 24.85

Women 50 Backstroke
1. Sarah McLean, UBC, 28.56
2. Erin Stamp, UBC, 29.22
3. Mckenzie Summers, UBC, 30.07

Men 50 Backstroke
1. Russell Wood, Calgary, 24.87
2. Joe Byram, Alberta, 25.65
3. Mitchell Benkic, UBC, 26.03

Women 50 Breaststroke
1. Fiona Doyle, Calgary, 31.41
2. Tera Van Beilen, UBC, 31.46
3. Rebecca Terejko, UBC, 31.70

Men 50 Breaststroke
1. Sergey Holson, UBC, 28.36
2. Nick Kostiuk, Alberta, 28.49
3. Dillon Perron, Manitoba, 28.61

Women 4×200 Freestyle Relay
1. UBC (Heather McLean, Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, Brittney Harley,Savannah King), 8:03.68
2. Calgary (Lindsay Delmar, Fiona Doyle, Tianna Rissling, TaliaBenson), 8:17.31
3. Alberta (Alana Wood, Kendra Chernoff, Nikki Macleod, BobbieMielnichuk), 8:26.77

Men 4×200 Freestyle Relay
1. UBC (Stefan Milosevic, Coleman Allen, Justin Chan, JonathanBrown), 7:16.88 (Canada West record)
1. Calgary (David Woodman, Russell Wood, Bogdan Knezevic, ReidScarrow), 7:16.88 (Canada West record)
3. Alberta (Hunter Balch, Joe Byram, Evan Letkeman, Tom Krywitsky),7:30.39


1. UBC, 249 pts
2. Calgary, 153
3. Lethbridge, 113.5
4. Alberta, 108
5. Manitoba, 59
6. Victoria, 42.5
7. Regina, 25

1. UBC, 218 pts
2. Calgary, 163
3. Lethbridge, 128
4. Victoria, 105
5. Alberta, 94
6. Manitoba, 72
7. Regina, 52

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