All-stars, award winners announced at M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Championships

MM 2014 Cana Juniors

by Al Cameron

January 24, 2014, LIVERPOOL, N.S. (ISN) – The all-stars and other award winners at the 2014 M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships were announced on Friday at the awards banquet at the West Queens Recreation Centre.


(determined by shooting percentages during the round robin)


First Team

  • Skip — Kelsey Rocque, Alberta (79 per cent)
  • Third — Marika Van Osch, British Columbia (81 per cent)
  • Second — Sarah Daniels, British Columbia (80 per cent)
  • Lead — Karlee Korchinski, Saskatchewan (82 per cent)

Second Team

  • Skip — Mary Fay, Nova Scotia (73 per cent)
  • Third — Amy Heitzner, Nova Scotia (77 per cent)
  • Second —Karlee Burgess, Nova Scotia (76 per cent)
  • Lead — Ashley Sanderson, British Columbia (80 per cent)


First Team

  • Skip — Carter Lautner, Alberta (80 per cent)
  • Third — Michael Brophy, Nova Scotia (80 per cent)
  • Second — Lucas Van Den Bosch, Manitoba (81 per cent)
  • Lead — Jason Olsthoorn, Quebec (81 per cent) *

Second Team

  • Skip — Ryan McCrady, Ontario (77 per cent)
  • Third — Daniel Wenzek, New Brunswick (79 per cent)
  • Second — David Aho, Alberta (79 per cent)
  • Lead — Cole Lyon-Hatcher, Ontario (81 per cent) *

(In the case of a percentage tie, the all-star position goes to the player with the highest plus/minus for the week (a player receives a +1 for every game in which he/she outcurls the positional opponent by five per cent or more). Should they still be tied, the pre-event draw to the button results are used to determine the all-star.)

Ken Watson Sportsmanship Awards

(voted by the players)

  • Women – Patty Wallingham, Yukon
  • Men – Taylor Ardiel, Alberta

Fair Play Awards

(selected by the officials)


  • Lead — Deklen Crocker, Northwest Territories
  • Second — Alex Sutherland, Prince Edward Island
  • Third — Connor Faulkner, Nunavut
  • Skip — Rene Comeau, New Brunswick
  • Coach — Tom Clasper, Manitoba


  • Lead — Hilary Charlie, Northwest Territories
  • Second — Danielle Lafleur, Manitoba
  • Third — Abby Ackland, Manitoba
  • Skip — Carina McKay-Saturnino, Northwest Territories
  • Coach — Dale McEwen, Manitoba

ASHAM National Coaching Awards

(voted by the coaches)

  • Women – Nick Saturnino, Northwest Territories
  • Men – Tom Clasper, Manitoba

Joan Mead Legacy Awards

(selected by the event officials)

($500 scholarship)

  • Women – Cathlia Ward, New Brunswick
  • Men – Cole Lyon-Hatcher, Ontario

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