Roz G Takes Second in X Games SuperPipe. Riddle in 4th.

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January 24, 2014, Aspen, Colorado – (ISN) In her first competition since bi-lateral knee surgery, Calgary’s Rosalind Groenewoud won Silver with a score of 85.66 in her first run of the Women’s Superpipe Competition. The Gold Medalist was American Maddie Bowman with a score of 88.66. In third place was Marie Martinod of France with a score of 82.33.

Groenewoud dropped into her run with a straight air mute grab, followed by a right 900 mute grab, then a flare safety grab, followed by a right 540 double Japan grab then a straight air safety grab and ended with a right 720 double Japan grab.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Groenewoud “it’s been such an emotional process having surgery this close to the games. My coaches put together a very strict program, which sometimes has been frustrating to follow. But, I’ve trusted the plan and it’s worked out. I’m excited for the next few weeks of the plan to start getting back my harder tricks. But this is such a perfect way to remember how to compete, how to deal with the butterflies and prepare for Sochi.”

In Men’s action, Mike Riddle was narrowly ousted for the Bronze by American Alex Ferreira’s score of 85.33. In first place tonight was another American David Wise with a score of 92.00. The Silver medal was nabbed by France’s Kevin Rolland with a score of 88.66.

“There was a lot of pressure here, so I was really happy to land my run three times tonight,” said Mike Riddle. “It’s a new run for me with the switch double nine at the end. I didn’t quite get it perfect tonight, but, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. It’s perfect timing for Sochi because the minute it does, I’m know I’m capable of being on the podium.”