Your brain is a marinating steak


by Dale Trenholm

January 29, 2014 (ISN) – Wayne Dryer, a motivational speaker and inspiration to me, said when we fall asleep, our brain (sub-conscious) is like a marinating steak. What he didn’t say is that 96-98% is marinating and the other 2-4% is the marinade we choose to put on our steak.

I emphasize the word “choose” (keep this in the back of your mind throughout this article). This article falls in line with my last article, “Setting up your sport’s GPS course.”

Think about this for a moment…when we want to marinate a steak, we either go to the internet to find that secret recipe, make our own creation, or even use the one our grandfather created 50 years ago. Once we find the recipe, we find the steak, which isn’t very appetizing on its own, but this is why we marinate it. We then mix in the marinade, throw the steak in the fridge, let it sit and marinate over night, and then that very same day we throw it on the barbecue to enjoy the steak that otherwise would not have tasted as good. How excited are we to sit in front of the barbecue, watch with anticipation the steak cook to perfection before we take it off the barbecue and taste our creation?

Again, I emphasize…we choose, and have a choice of what ingredients we want for the marinade. Everyone is different, so what I like for my marinade may be different than yours.

When I was heavy into sports, I came to the realization that I need to trust my training and just play and leave analyzing to after the game. My goal, vision, and belief was always that I could be the best. I realized I was at my best in the moment with no fear. I realized that pressure was and is just a distraction to take me off my game and focus. I did not know at the time this was my sub-conscious I was training, but I did know I needed to relax the parts of my body and mind that didn’t need to exert effort. I knew I mastered my skills physically and visually, so all I needed to do was relax, have fun, and focus on the task at hand to be in the moment.

Think about this: Our beliefs and habits cause 96-98% of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, which equal our results?

Your beliefs and habits cause 96-98% of your thoughts, emotions, and actions up to this point with your sport and life. This is very important to know. In addition, only 2-4% of your brain is consciously aware, leaving 96-98% running on automatic or unconscious. This part of the brain is where we excel playing sports, plain and simple. The better you train and trust the sub-conscious, the better you will do.

What part do you think will control the success and happiness with your life and sport? The 2-4% or 96-98%? The sub-conscious, of course, which controls our senses and all of our bodily functions, including our body memory to play sports and much, much more. This is the part we need to spend time on improving to create lasting change and success. This is why “willpower” doesn’t last (about 3 weeks), because it is fighting with the sub-conscious, which will win every single time.

Back to the steak and sleep. The next time you are going to sleep, think and pay attention to your thoughts. What are consuming your thoughts (marinade)? Is it about the negative part of your day or sport, what you are worried about the next day, anger, fear, or frustration? Whatever it is, you are preparing to marinade your sub-conscious with these thoughts before you go to sleep, which of course will anchor even more your beliefs and habits, ultimately affecting your day upon waking.

I mentioned in my last article about affirming your vision with your sport then pretending and feeling like you have accomplished your vision using your imagination, and doing this in the morning just as you wake up, and at night before you go to sleep. I encourage you to read my last article and then this one so you can begin to marinade your sub-conscious with what you want so you can give yourself the best chance for success in the future.”