A rare two novel author signing: February 2014

Ken Warren

by Sonny N. Mann, B&PQ

January 30, 2014, Victoria BC (ISN) – I have had the pleasant task of reviewing two of Kenny Russ Warren’s paperback novels being released at a rare 2-novel signing in Langford, BC, in February, 2014. The exact date awaits Arizona’s Brighton Publishing’s delivery of ‘NORA and the Golden Dragon’ The other novel ‘Kneel and Kit; Magnificent Brotherhood’ was printed locally by Printorium Bookworks of Victoria.

Here is my conversation with Island Sports News Feature Writer Kenny Warren about his two novels:

Sonny: Which is your personal favourite of the two stories, Kenny?

Kenny: Neither. They’re like apples and oranges. One is geared to the thousands of kids I taught in Grades 6-10 at Elizabeth Fisher, Belmont, Edward Milne and China. Meanwhile, the other story is mainly for Grades 10-12 and adults.

Sonny: Do you mean that ‘NORA and the Golden Dragon’ is too lurid for younger teens?

Kenny: Maybe. It’s the story of the greatest crimes in history. When the Japanese Army invaded Nanking, China’s capital city, in 1937, they raped and murdered more than 30,000 females aged 6 to 76 in the first 60 days. They saved the prettiest 14-29 year olds for sex slavery. However, it was the delight with which the invaders took in finding new ways to kill and demoralize fathers and mothers that was so gut-wrenching for me.

Sonny: Do you mean you wrote this novel out of anger?

Kenny: Yes, indeed. Not just anger for the sadistic terror of Japan’s methodic killing, but anger that Allied governments covered the atrocities up. I’m a graduate UBC history major and yet I knew nothing of this rape od Nanking until I started teaching in China during my retirement years.

Sonny: So is this novel mainly a nonfiction historical novel?

Kenny: No! It is a romantic fiction based around many historical facts. It is about the lives of two lovely Chinese sisters 18 and 20 when the Japanese first invade their city. Once you get past the ugliest parts early, you’ll love the tale and it is loaded with Canadiana.

Sonny: So now we come to your other tale ‘Kneel and Kit; Magnificent Brotherhood’.

Kenny: Yes, this is written for all boys and girls who like forest and mountain adventures. If you love animals, you’ll adore this story.

Sonny: How so?

Kenny: Imagine being 10 years old like Kit and having a Bigfoot boy your own age who is just as big as your dad but ten times stronger, and he loves being your friend.

Sonny: Wow! I get that.

Kenny: Now add the fact that this Bigfoot (Kneel) can communicate with all animals and convinces mother mountain lions and black bears to let Kit and his little brother play with their kittens and cubs.

Sonny: Now that would be special.

Kenny: You’d also find it special when the threesome dresses in disguise and goes into Victoria to all the famous tourist sites. It’s a very humourous affair until Kneel is shot and wounded by some very edgy and frightened police.

Sonny: Ouch.

Kenny: There’s more ouch in the story because we haven’t mentioned the main villains. Brian Shopa and his 30.06 rifle are a major threat to Kneel, while ‘Angry One’, a killer grizzly, is a threat to all three boys, especially when he discovers where Kit lives and lurks around the farm waiting for an opportunity to taste young human meat again.

Sonny: Yikes, that’s scary!

Kenny: I’ll save what appears to be a very sad ending for the reader.

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