Penguins defeat Sharks, 9-6

Vic Sharks

by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

February 7, 2014, Victoria (ISN) – On Friday night the Victoria Hockey League was in action when the Penguins took on the Sharks in Naden’s Wurtele Arena. Dave Brumby was between the pipes for the Sharks and Kyle Harrison was in for the Penguins.

Steven Schmidt started things off for the Penguins, scoring on Brumby at 17:10 followed by another by Shane Hughes at 14:19, his first of two to be scored by the end of the game.

1IMG 2373small
Tanner Carter and Wilf Marquis. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

Ben King got the Sharks on the board at 13:17, beating Harrison and changing the scoring to 2-1 Penguins.

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Wilf Marquis. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

Then at 8:02 and 7:47, Simon Vreeswijk scored both of those goals for the Penguins, his first two of an eventual hatty by game’s end.

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Tim Simpson. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

Then it was the Sharks’ Danny Johns’ turn for a goal and it came at 6:05 but was answered back by Reid Prystal at 2:50, tallying the goals for the Penguins in the first period at 5.

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Tyler Tachnyk and Tanner Carter. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

Before the period was over, though, Sacha Asfar plotted one in behind Harrison at 2:16 changing the scoreboard to 5-3 Penguins.

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

The Sharks opened the second period with two goals in a row. Tyler Tachnyk scored on Harrison first, and the next came at 9:39 and was scored by Shaun Lymer.

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

It didn’t take long for the Penguins to answer back with three goals of their own, though. Tanner Carter buried one at 7:54, and then so did Shane Hughes, his second of the night at 6:21, leading Tanner Carter to once again bury the puck in behind Brumby at 5:42, which was also Tanner’s second of the night.

1IMG 2453small
Tyler Matheson. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

The Sharks got one more in at 2:15 which was scored by Tim Simpson but the game ending goal came with only 30 seconds left on the clock, when Simon Vreeswijk finished his hatty, changing the scoreboard to show a final 9-6 for the Penguins.

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2481small
Shane Hughes. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2484small
Simon Vreeswijk. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2486small
Tim Simpson. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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Wilf Marquis. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2550small
Simon Vreeswijk. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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Tyler Tachnyk scores. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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The puck did end up going in. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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Scott Zaichkowsky. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)