by Brent Mutis

February 12, 2014 (ISN) – The British Columbia Hockey League and its board of directors have decided on a new playoff structure for the coming postseason and announced Wednesday the format details to fans and media.

As with last year, the top-four teams in each of the three divisions will qualify for the playoffs. Round 1 will be a best-of-seven series matching seed No. 1 versus No. 4 and No. 2 versus No. 3. Game 1 of the playoffs will be Tuesday, March 4.

The winners of Round 1 will meet in the division finals in Round 2, also a best-of-seven series.

After Round 2, each division will have a champion so three teams will still be alive. It is at this point that the new structure comes into play.

Round 3 will be a round-robin series with each of the three teams hosting two home games against the other two clubs.

The objective of Round 3 is to eliminate one club based on wins and losses. A total of six round-robin games are scheduled for Round 3. After the completion of those, the remaining two teams will go head to head in a best-of-seven Fred Page Cup Final.

In the event teams are tied after the six round-robin games, a tie-breaker game will be played with the winner going to the Finals, the loser eliminated. Tie-breaker rules for the round-robin are the same as those used in the BCHL regular-season standings.