CIS wrestling roundup: Western women, Guelph men win OUA titles; Alberta women & men win Canada West titles

Alberta Golden Bears & Alberta Pandas Canada West champions. Photo credit Josh Schaefer Photography

Alberta Golden Bears & Alberta Pandas Canada West champions. Photo credit Josh Schaefer Photography


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Western women, Guelph men win OUAWrestling championships

Source: OUA Communications Assistant

TORONTO – New champions were crowned in wrestling at the OntarioUniversity Athletics (OUA) championships on Saturday as the GuelphGryphons and Western Mustangs won the men’s and women’s banners,respectively, at the Tait McKenzie Centre in Toronto.

The Gryphons tallied 78 points to claim their first men’s titlesince 2011, putting an end to Western’s two-year run as champion.The Mustangs did not go home empty-handed, however, as they wontheir first women’s championship since 2007 with 62 points andended the Brock Badgers’ streak of titles at six.

The Badgers, whose teams entered the competition with the No. 1ranking in the CIS, finished second in both the men’s and women’sevents. Rounding out the top three were the McMaster Marauders onthe men’s side and the Gryphons on the women’s.

Guelph won five of the 10 gold medals available in the men’s weightclasses to edge the Badgers by three points in the final standings.Tyson Frost was named the OUA’s most outstanding wrestler afterclaiming gold in the 82kg division with a perfect 3-0 mark in theround robin and a 3-1 win over Matrixx Ferreira from the Badgers inthe final.

Also winning gold medals for the Gryphons were Jake Jagas in the76kg class, Ben Bradford in the 72kg division, Kevin Iwasa-Madge inthe 65kg division and Jeremy Latour in the 120kg division.

Brock’s Sam Jagas was named the OUA rookie of the year afterwinning the gold medal in the 54kg class, while Guelph head coachDoug Cox earned the coach of the year award after leading his teamto the championship. Dylan Galloway from the Laurentian Voyageursearned the OUA community service award.

In the women’s competition, Western had three wrestlers winindividual gold medals, one less than the Badgers, but edged thedefending champions by two points with more second-place finishes(three to two) as well as a pair of fourth-place results.

Brianne Barry earned the OUA’s most outstanding wrestler awardafter winning the gold medal in the 55kg class. She was a perfect2-0 in the round robin and followed that up with a 4-0 victory inthe final over Karleah Bonk from the Lakehead Thunderwolves.

Also winning individual titles for the Mustangs were Anna McKee inthe 59kg class and Larissa D’Alleva in the 63kg division. McKee wasnamed the OUA’s rookie of the year following her victory, and headcoach Ray Takahashi earned the coach of the year award. UrshianKhalid from the host York Lions was named the recipient of the OUAcommunity service award.

In addition to reaching the podium, the top three finishers in eachweight class advanced to the CIS championships, which will behosted by the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton beginningFeb. 28.


1. Guelph Gryphons (78)
2. Brock Badgers (75)
3. McMaster Marauders (52)
4. Western Mustangs (50)
5. Lakehead Thunderwolves (33)
6. York Lions (31)
7. Queen’s Gaels (17)
8. Algoma Thunderbirds (15)
9. Laurentian Voyageurs (14)
10. Toronto Varsity Blues (9)

1. Western Mustangs (62)
2. Brock Badgers (60)
3. Guelph Gryphons (46)
4. Lakehead Thunderwolves (36)
5. McMaster Marauders (32)
6. York Lions (24)
7. Queen’s Gaels (14)
8. Toronto Varsity Blues (8)
9. Laurentian Voyageurs (7)
10. Algoma Thunderbirds (4)


Keegan Trophy (Outstanding Male Wrestler) –Tyson Frost, Guelph
Rookie of the Year – Sam Jagas, Brock
Community Service Award – Dylan Galloway,Laurentian
Coach of the Year – Doug Cox, Guelph

Outstanding Female Wrestler – Brianne Berry,Western
Rookie of the Year – Anna McKee, Western
Community Service Award – Urshian Khalid, York
Coach of the Year – Ray Takahashi, Western


1. Sam Jagas, Brock
2. Oren Furmanov, Guelph
3. Christopher Waltner, Lakehead
4. Ameed Lakhani, Western
5. Jordan Raghanandan, Toronto
6. Armaan Neemuchwala, York
7. Ryan Vilaca, Algoma
8. Rahul Bansal, McMaster

1. Brian Cowan, Brock
2. Dylan Galloway, Laurentian
3. Andrew Sinclair, McMaster
4. Elvir Uzunovic, Guelph
5. Ammar Bin Dhaban, Algoma
6. Nick Xiang, Western

1. Jason Buckle, McMaster
2. Zack Falcioni, Brock
3. Navrit Wirach, Guelph
4. Peter Shannon, Queen’s
5. Tommy Carroll, York
6. Niroop Sinha, Algoma

1. Kevin Iwasa-Madge, Guelph
2. Chris Garneau, McMaster
3. Jean Francoise Godin, Queen’s
4. Andrew McKenzie, Brock
5. Alex Aubin, Laurentian
6. Gary Lynch, Lakehead
7. David Nisenbaum, Western
8. Daniel Palomo, York

1. Jevon Balfour, Brock
2. Ahmed Shimaya, McMaster
3. Caleb Rutner, Western
4. Brody Evans, Lakehead
5. Luke Campbell, Guelph
6. Aaron Williams, York

1. Ben Bradford, Guelph
2. Tyler Rowe, Brock
3. Josh Proctor, Western
4. Greg Pierzchala, York
5. Tyler Ashurst, Lakehead
6. Adam McKenna, Queen’s
7. Wylie Middleton, McMaster

1. Jake Jagas, Guelph
2. Alec Bauer, Western
3. Gabriel Turetsky, Brock
4. Brandon Rynka, Toronto
5. Scott Christian, Lakehead
6. Thomas Marshall, Queen’s
7. Eric Steffler, McMaster

1. Tyson Frost, Guelph
2. Matrixx Ferreira, Brock
3. Kevin Barret, McMaster
4. Pavanir Dulai, York
5. Sam Hanna, Western
6. Jackson Taylor, Lakehead
7. Ryan Karn, Laurentian

1. Andrii Vorontsov, Brock
2. Riley Otto, Western
3. Omar Thomas, York
4. Zane Zondervan, Guelph
5. Joban Phulka, McMaster
6. Mike Casagrande, Algoma
7. Mark Brousseau, Lakehead

1. Jeremy Latour, Guelph
2. Kevin Ens, Western
3. Preston Mikulasik, Lakehead
4. Andrew Balloch, McMaster
5. Ali Aladiani, York
6. Dennon Armstrong, Algoma


1. Jade Parsons, Brock
2. Madi Parks, Western
3. Monica Wood, McMaster
4. Sarah Perez, York
5. Natassya Lu, Guelph

1. Carlene Sluberski, Brock
2. Valerie Ouellette, Western
3. Cierra Carere, Guelph
4. Liz Wiggle, Queen’s
5. Christinna Walker, McMaster
6. Nav Badwal, York
7. Alexi Kreps, Lakehead

1. Brianne Barry, Western
2. Karleah Bonk, Lakehead
3. Erica D’Angelo, McMaster
4. Marisa Scott, Guelph
5. Lydia Congdon, Brock
6. Emily Morgan, Laurentian
7. Colleen Semple, York

1. Anna McKee, Western
2. Jessica Brouillette, Brock
3. Emma Horner, Lakehead
4. Nicole Roach, McMaster
5. Emma Crouch, Guelph
6. Minna Liun, York

1. Larissa D’Alleva, Western
2. Brittney Gearing, Brock
3. AlisonCarrow, Guelph
4. Angelina Sachetti, McMaster
5. Tasha Doroodian, Algoma
6. Urshian Khalid, York
7. Tina Marr, Queen’s
8. Jenny Pranger, Lakehead

1. Marissa Sorrel, Brock
2. Kelsey Dayler, Lakehead
3. Sarah Stringer, Guelph
4. Arlene Williams, Western
5. Samantha Demers, Laurentian
6. Yi Quan, Queen’s
7. Lorraine Yeung, York

1. Olivia DiBacco, Brock
2. Christine Schmidt, Western
3. Kira White, Lakehead
4. Karlee Williams, Guelph
5. Emily DeWitt, York

1. Kelsey Gsell, Guelph
2. Grace Bannerman, Toronto
3. Alysha Anderson, McMaster
4. Amber Martin, Lakehead
5. Kerri Malcolm, Queen’s
6. Emma Tedball, Western
7. Monique Frenette-Talaga, York


Canada West wrestling: Albertaclaims both conference titles; Williams, Monteith named Wrestlersof the Year

Source: Canada West / Nicole Betker, Huskies SportsInformation

SASKATOON – For the second straight year, the University ofAlberta captured both the men’s and women’s wrestling titles at the2014 Canada West championships, hosted by the University ofSaskatchewan.

Women’sFull Results

Men’sFull Results

Men’s Standings
1. Alberta – 45 points
2. Calgary – 30 points
3. Regina – 30 points
4. Winnipeg – 28 points
5. Saskatchewan – 24 points

Women’s Standings
1. Alberta – 32 points
2. Calgary – 31 points
3. Regina – 24 points
4. Saskatchewan – 22 points
5. Winnipeg – 11 points

The Alberta Pandas successfully defended the women’s title with aone point victory over the Calgary Dinos. Calgary did all it couldto knock off the reigning champion winning all but two bouts in thefinal round, but Alberta lost just one. Regina finished third with24 points, while host- Saskatchewan earned 22 points and Winnipegrounded out the standings with 11 points.

On the men’s side Alberta captured the banner with 45 points, whilethe Calgary Dinos finished second with 30 points and the ReginaCougars finished in third also with 30 points. Calgary finishedahead of the Regina in the team standings after the Dinos capturedtwo gold medals in the competition. Winnipeg (28) finished fourthand Saskatchewan (24) rounded out the standings.

On the women’s side, all competitors finishing with the gold medalswent undefeated in the dual format Canada West Championship.Winning gold medals for Alberta was Amber Maschke (55-kg), MarlenFigueroa (67-kg) and Madison Beblow (82-kg), while Calgary alsoclaimed three gold medals with Kate Richey (51-kg), Temi Ogunjimi(59-kg) and Jessy Seida (63-kg) finishing first. Saskatchewan’sAnnie Monteith (48-kg) and Kristine Longeau (72-kg) were the othergold medalists on Day 2.

On the men’s side, all but the 68-kg weight class were decided byundefeated wrestlers. Alberta’s Adel Taj took the gold in the 68-kgweight class after tie-breaking procedures. Alberta stood on top ofthe podium five more times on the men’s side. The gold medalistsincluded Melvin Arciaga (54-kg), Dylan Williams (57-kg), MichaelAsselstine (61-kg), Drew Belanger (65-kg) and Jason Margo (82-kg).Calgary’s Brian Hutton (72-kg) and Nick Proctor (90-kg), as well asWinnipeg’s Tahir Hamraev (76-kg) and Kyle Nguyen (120-kg) roundedout the other gold medalists for the men.

The top three finishers from each weight class qualify for the CISChampionship February 28-March 1 hosted by the UNB Varsity Reds inFredericton, N.B.

Individual awards were handed out following the competition.

Undefeated second-year wrestler Annie Monteith (48-kg) fromSaskatchewan claimed the women’s wrestler of the year award, whileAlberta’s Dylan Williams (57-kg), who was also undefeated, claimedthe award on the men’s side.

Rookie of the Year awards went to Alberta’s Melvin Arciaga on themen’s side and Calgary’s Temi Ogunjimi for the women. Both werealso undefeated in the tournament.

For their outstanding athletic ability, contribution in thecommunity and classroom success, Winnipeg’s wrestler Kyle Nguyenand Calgary’s Jessy Seida were named CIS nominees for theStudent-Athlete Community Service Award.

Nguyen claimed the gold medal in the 120-kg weight class. Hiscontributions in the Winnipeg community include working with teenswith the Healthy Youth Program for Everyone. He is also a strongstudent in the classroom.

Seida, who claimed the gold medal in the 63-kg weight class, is astrong academic boasts a 3.93 grade point average. She is also aleader in the community volunteering to clean up Calgary after thedevasting floods in the summer of 2013. Seida is an active memberof the UofC Quiddich team and promotes the famous Harry Potter gamein high schools around the city.

Taking Coach of the Year honours on both the men’s and women’s sideis Alberta fourth-year head coach Owen Dawkins. A former GoldenBears wrestler, Dawkins led the Golden Bears and Pandas tosuccessfully defend the Canada West titles. It is the thirdstraight year, he has won the award on the women’s side.


Wrestler of the Year
Male: Dylan Williams, Alberta
Female: Annie Monteith, Saskatchewan

Rookie of the Year
Male: Melvin Arciaga, Alberta
Female: Temi Ogunjimi, Calgary

Student-Athlete/Community Service Nominees
Male: Kyle Nguyen, Winnipeg
Female: Jessy Seida, Calgary

Coach of the Year
Male: Owen Dawkins, Alberta
Female: Owen Dawkins, Alberta


48 kg
Annie Monteith – Saskatchewan
Josee Tremblay – Calgary
Genie Gokhman – Alberta

51 kg
Kate Richey – Calgary
Katie Dutchak – Saskatchewan
Rachel Alder – Winnipeg

55 kg
Amber Maschke – Alberta
Emily Kessler – Winnipeg
Cara Nania – Calgary

59 kg
Temi Ogunjimi – Calgary
Danielle Anderson – Regina
Cholena Horne – Alberta

63 kg
Jessy Seida – Calgary
Theresa Urbanczyk – Alberta
Drew Kuhn – Saskatchewan

67 kg
Marlen Figueroa – Alberta
Kayla Brodner – Regina
Ocean Burns – Calgary

72 kg
Kristine Longeau – Regina
Taylor Follensbee – Saskatchewan
Hilary Goble – Calgary

82 kg
Madison Beblow – Alberta
Emily Foerster – Regina


54 kg
Melvin Arciaga – Alberta
Shane Johnson – Saskatchewan
Connor McLachlan – Regina

57 kg
Dylan Williams – Alberta
Dylan Bray – Saskatchewan
Mokhtar Hakimi – Winnipeg

61 kg
Michael Asselstine – Alberta
Theo Dow – Saskatchewan
Reza Mosalla – Regina

65 kg
Drew Belanger – Alberta
Mitchell Berenz – Winnipeg
Spenser Burk – Calgary

68 kg
Adel Taj – Alberta
Lucas Hoffert – Regina
Brock Munro – Winnipeg

72 kg
Brian Hutton – Calgary
Matt Fedler – Regina
Malcolm Meekins – Saskatchewan

76 kg
Tahir Hamraev – Winnipeg
Connor Hodgins – Calgary
Andrew Johnson – Saskatchewan

82 kg
Jason Margo – Alberta
Rylan Petterson – Regina
Steven Sheppard – Calgary

90 kg
Nick Proctor – Calgary
Daniel Oloumi – Alberta
Sean Belisle – Regina

120 kg
Kyle Nguyen – Winnipeg
Isaac Lubiak – Regina
Baldwin Asala – Calgary

Medal winners in each weight class now advance to the CanadianInteruniversity Sport (CIS) wrestling championships, February28-March 1 at University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.