RECAP DAY 3 (final day) Speedo CIS swimming championships: Blues men, T-Bird women repeat as CIS champions


Feb 22, 2014

Photo credit Martin Bazyl

TORONTO (CIS) – The University of Toronto Varsity Blues men defended their national title at home, while the UBC Thunderbirds women three-peated with ease as the 2014 Speedo CIS swimming championships wrapped up Saturday night at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Pool.




The host Blues finished with 690 points, ahead of the Canada West powerhouse T-Birds (609.5) for the second straight year and earn a CIS-leading 18th national banner. UBC won the final 400 medley relay in a time of 3:34.10, but it was too little, too late for the Canada West powerhouses. The Calgary Dinos placed third with 405 points over the three-day meet.

“The comeback on Day 2 was almost historic,” said Byron MacDonald, who was named the CIS men’s team coach of the year. “It was a huge change of fortune. We were able to come up with those extra hundred points, which gave us enough of a comfortable lead. There would have had to been some major upsets for us not to win.”

UBC’s women cruised to their third straight and CIS-leading 19th national title, ending with a combined team score of 802.5 points, 397.5 points ahead of the Montreal Carabins (405), setting the CIS championship record for the largest margin of victory. The Dinos were third with 328 points.

Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson of the T-Birds was named both the CIS female rookie and swimmer of the year. The Ottawa native earned her third individual national title and fifth medal of the meet in the 200 IM (2:09.48).

“I’m incredibly honoured and so excited,” said Seltenreich-Hodgson. “I came in and I knew it was going to be a huge battle for rookie of the year because there are so many talented rookies this year. Overall our team did fantastic today. I’m so proud to be on this team right now – it’s just so exciting.”

Two-time Olympian and Thunderbirds standout Savannah King kicked off the night by earning her fourth-straight 800 freestyle title, while Tera Van Beilen took the top spot in the 50 breaststroke and helped UBC’s 400 medley relay team to a CIS championship record in the final women’s race of the meet.

“The meet didn’t start how she wanted, but Savannah gathered herself on the last day and put that swim up and that lets her know that she’s on track,” said UBC’s Steve Price, honoured as CIS women’s team coach of the year. “The girls really stepped up with the greatest margin of victory in the history of the championship and they definitely took a step forward this weekend. That’s always what we’re looking for.”

Montreal Carabins standout Sandrine Mainville capped off a very successful rookie campaign with her third CIS championship record in as many races. After winning the 50 freestyle on Day 2, Mainville garnered the Sprinter’s Cup as she won the 100 freestyle in a record time of 53.38 seconds. Fellow RSEQ standout Genevieve Cantin of Laval rounded out the record-breaking performances in the 200 backstroke in a time of 2:06.18.

UBC’s Coleman Allen was honoured as the CIS male swimmer of the year. The Barrie, Ont., native anchored UBC’s CIS championship and Canadian record-breaking 800 freestyle relay team on Day 2, while also setting a new championship mark in the 100 butterfly on Thursday night. Allen garnered seven medals over the three-day championship.

“It means a lot,” said Allen. “My roommate Kelly Aspinall was swimmer of the year and I always had that goal in mind coming in this year. Unfortunately, it fell short for the guys, and the team, in getting that national title but I’m really happy I could do my part for the team.

Tristan Cote of the Calgary Dinos was named the CIS male rookie of the year after an outstanding first-place finish in the 1500 freestyle (15:06.02). His teammate Russell Wood completed a sweep in the backstroke with his third gold-medal performance in the 200-metre event (1:54.79), while Bogdan Knezevic was the third Dino to win gold on Day 3 with a win in the 200 IM (1:58.56).

U of T’s Chris Manning and Laval’s Dominique Massey-Martel rounded out the gold-medal finishes in the 50 breaststroke and 100 freestyle, respectively.


Swimmer of the year: Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC
Rookie of the year: Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC
Sprinter’s Cup (single winner of both 50 and 100 free): Sandrine Mainville, Montreal
Coach of the year: Steve Price, UBC
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Jade Watts, Brock

Swimmer of the year: Coleman Allen, UBC
Rookie of the year: Tristan Cote, Calgary
Sprinter’s Cup (single winner of both 50 and 100 free): Not awarded
Coach of the year: Byron MacDonald, Toronto
Student-Athlete Community Service Award: Jeff Belowitz, Brock

NOTE (swimmers of the year): Female and male swimmers with the highest aggregate point total for his/her two best swims as based on Swim Canada’s performance charts.

NOTE (All-Canadians): All gold medallists at the CIS championships – including relays – are first-team all-Canadians for the 2012-13 season. All silver medallists – who did not win a gold medal – are second-team all-Canadians.



1. UBC, 802.5 points
2. Montreal, 405
3. Calgary, 328
4. Toronto, 286
5. Western, 265.5
6. Laval, 208
7. McGill, 189
8. Ottawa, 172
9. Alberta, 156
10. Dalhousie, 116
10. McMaster, 101
12. Guelph, 101
13. Victoria, 97
14. UQTR, 46
15. Sherbrooke, 39
16. Wilfrid Laurier, 30
17. Manitoba, 14
18. UNB, 12
19. UQAM, 12
20. Brock, 9
21. Lethbridge, 8
22. Regina, 5
22. Waterloo, 4

Men (Nelson C. Hart trophy)

1. Toronto, 690 points
2. UBC, 609.5
3. Calgary, 405
4. McMaster, 209.5
5. Western, 200
6. Montreal, 188
7. Victoria, 175
8. Alberta, 162
9. Laval, 149.5
10. Dalhousie, 120
11. Ottawa, 103
12. McGill, 94.5
13. Lethbridge, 93
14. Guelph, 67
15. Manitoba, 62
16. Acadia, 25
17. Waterloo, 20
18. UQTR, 10
19. Laurier, 4
20. Memorial, 2


Women 800m Free
1. Savannah King, UBC, 8:32.00
2. Caitlin Hodge, Ottawa, 8:37.63
3. Lindsay Delmar, Calgary, 8:38.38

Men 50m Breast
1. Chris Manning, Toronto, 27.45
1. Sergey Holson, UBC, 27.45
3. Konrad Bald, McMaster, 27.85

W 50m Breast
1. Tera Van Beilen, UBC, 30.72
2. Fiona Doyle, Calgary, 30.92
3. Rebecca Terejko, UBC, 31.13

M 200m Back
1. Russell Wood, Calgary, 1:54.79
2. Matthew Myers, Toronto, 1:56.65
3. Robert Bonomo, Ottawa, 1:57.02

W 200m Back
1. Genevieve Cantin, Laval, 2:06.18 (CIS Championship Record)
2. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC, 2:08.05
3. Emma Sproule, Western, 2:09.61

M 100m Free
1. Dominique Massey-Martel, Laval, 48.41
2. Colemen Allen, UBC, 48.75
3. Evan Van Moerkerke, Guelph, 48.88

W 100m Free
1. Sandrine Mainville, Montreal, 53.38 (CIS Championship Record)
2. Heather MacLean, UBC, 54.96
3. Fionnuala Pierse, UBC, 55.19

M 200m IM
1. Bogdan Knezevic, Calgary, 1:58.56
2. David Riley, Toronto, 1:58.87
3. Cameron Bailey, McMaster, 1:59.98

W 200m IM
1. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC, 2:09.48
2. Erin Stamp, UBC, 2:12.72
3. Marie-Pierre Couillard, Laval, 2:12.89

M 1500m Free
1. Tristan Cote, Calgary, 15:06.02
2. Jon McKay, Victoria, 15:11.00
3. Zack Chetrat, Toronto, 15:13.07

W 4 x 100m Medley Relay
1. UBC, 4:02.43 (CIS Championship Record)
(Sarah McLean, Tera Van Beilen, Charlotte Philpotts, Heather MacLean)
2. Montreal, 4:04.95
(Gabrielle Soucisse, Marie-Solei Jean-Lachapelle, Barbara Jardin, Sandrine Mainville)
3. Calgary, 4 :08.60
(Tianna Rissling, Fiona Doyle, Alana Skocdopole, Lindsay Delmar)

M 4 x 100m Medley Relay
1. UBC 3:34.10
(Mitchell Benkic, Sergey Holson, Coleman Allen, Luke Peddie)
2. Calgary 3:36.95
(Russell Wood, Jason Block, Gleb Suvorov, David Woodman)
3. Alberta, 3:38.10
(Joe Byram, Nick Kostiuk, Nicholas Mastromatteo, Tom Krywitsky)


Women 100m Back
1. Marie-Pierre Couillard, Laval, 59.41
2. Geneviève Cantin, Laval, 1:00.07
3. Gabrielle Soucisse, Montreal 1:00.29

Men 100m Back
1. Russell Wood, Calgary, 52.66
2. Mitchell Benkic, UBC, 53.71
3. Matthew Myers, Toronto, 54.04

W 50m Fly
1. Sandrine Mainville, Montreal, 26.27 (see note below)
2. Paulina Bond, Western, 26.78
3. Caroline Lapierre-Lemire, UQTR, 26.83

M 50m Fly
1. Edward Liu, Toronto, 24.04
2. Brian Lee, Toronto, 24.15
3. Luke Peddie, UBC, 24.17

W 400m Free
1. Barbara Jardin, Montreal, 4:06.57
2. Savannah King, UBC, 4:07.67
3. Lindsay Delmar, Calgary, 4:07.72

M 400m Free
1. Keegan Zanatta, Victoria, 3:45.85
2. Frank Despond, Toronto, 3:47.86
3. Zack Chetrat, Toronto, 3:48. 25

W 200m Breast
1. Tera Van Beilen, UBC, 2:21.82
2. Fiona Doyle, Calgary, 2:24.17
3. Laura Thompson, UBC, 2:26.17

M 200m Breast
1. Frédéric Le Blanc, Montreal, 2:11.68
2. Luc Boudreau, Acadia, 2:12.12
3. David Riley, Toronto, 2:12.74

W 50m Free
1. Sandrine Mainville, Montreal, 24.96 (see note below)
2. Caroline Lapierre-Lemire, UQTR, 25.08
3. Rebecca Terejko, UBC, 25.22

M 50m Free
1. Chris Manning, Toronto, 21.92
2. Luke Peddie, UBC, 21.94
3. Steven Hibberd, Toronto, 22.23

W 200m Fly
1. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC, 2:11.61
2. Kendra Chernoff, Alberta, 2:11.97
3. Stephanie Horner, Victoria, 2:11.98

M 200m Fly
1. Zack Chetrat, Toronto, 1:55.17
2. Coleman Allen, UBC, 1:55.28
3. David Sharpe, Dalhousie, 1:56.55

W 4 x 200m Free Relay
1. UBC, 7:57.84
(Savannah King, Brittney Harley, Heather MacLean, Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson)
2. Calgary, 8:07.37
(Fiona Doyle, Lindsay Delmar, Talia Benson, Olivia Bellio)
3. Western, 8:08.47
(Emma Sproule, Victoria Munro, Kelly Hotta, Jennifer McNaughton)

M 4 x 200m Free Relay
1. UBC, 7:09.50 (Canadian Record / CIS Championship Record)
(Stefan Milosevic, Jonathan Brown, Justin Chan, Coleman Allen)
2. Calgary, 7:12.27
(Russell Wood, David Woodman, Reid Scarrow, Connor Maxey)
3. Toronto, 7:13.02
(Frank Despond, David Riley, Matthew Myers, Zack Chetrat)

Note: Sandrine Mainville set CIS championship records in morning preliminaries.


Women 200m Free
1. Barbara Jardin, Montreal, 1:56.47
2. Heather MacLean, UBC, 1:56.93
3. Lindsay Delmar, Calgary, 1:57.23

Men 200m Free
1. Coleman Allen, UBC, 1:45.13
2. David Woodman, Calgary, 1:45.72
3. Keegan Zanatta, Victoria, 1:46.57

W 50m Back
1. Marie-Pierre Couillard, Laval, 27.71
2. Simone Cseplo, McGill, 28.24
3. Gabrielle Soucisse, Montreal, 28.55

M 50m Back
1. Russell Wood, Calgary, 24.32
2. David Sharpe, Dalhousie, 24.70
3. Matthew Myers, Toronto, 25.07

W 100m Breast
1. Fiona Doyle, Calgary, 1:06.27
2. Tera Van Beilen, UBC, 1:06.35
3. Rebecca Terejko, UBC, 1:07.15

M 100m Breast
1. Sergey Holson, UBC, 1:00.18
2. Nick Kostiuk, Alberta, 1:00.24
3. Dillon Perron, Manitoba, 1:00.58

W 100m Fly
1. Kendra Chernoff, Alberta, 59.31
2. Marie-Pierre Couillard, Laval, 59.36
3. Alisha Harricharan, Guelph, 59.50

M 100m Fly
1. Coleman Allen, UBC, 51.44 (CIS Championship Record)
2. Zack Chetrat, Toronto, 52.15
3. Edward Liu, Toronto, 52.73

W 400m IM
1. Erika Sletenreich-Hodgson, UBC, 4:34.76 (CIS Championship Record)
2. Vanessa Treasure, Toronto, 4:38.48
3. Tera Van Beilen, UBC, 4:39.63

M 400m IM
1. Luke Reilly, UBC, 4:10.95
2. David Riley, Toronto, 4:15.43
3. Tristan Cote, Calgary, 4:15.49

W 4 x 100m Free Relay
1. UBC 3:40.25
(Fionnuala Pierse, Brittney Harley, Rebecca Terejko, Heather MacLean)
2. Montreal, 3:42.70
(Sandrine Mainville, Gabrielle Soucisse, Sarah-Lee Hevey, Barabara Jardin)
3. Calgary 3:44.01
(Fiona Doyle, Lindsay Delmar, Tianna Rissling, Talia Benson)

M 4 x 100m Free Relay
1. UBC 3:16.21
(Luke Peddie, Sergey Holson, Stefan Milosevic Coleman Allen)
2. Calgary 3:16.57
(Russell Wood, Bryan Wray, Connor Maxey, David Woodman)
3. Toronto 3:17:21
(Brian Lee, Chris Manning, Steven Hibberd, Edward Liu)

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