It Comes With Brushstrokes – Investing In Original Art


Why Buy Original Art?

Simply put, because you like it. After that I can give you many reasons why you should buy original art, but the number one reason (for me) is because I fell in love with it and have to own it.

Art is GOOD.

Art is GOOD.

An original piece of art is a passionate creation reflecting the soul of the artist and in turn your soul, in choosing the piece. An original piece of art can provide inspiration, escape, beauty and encourage conversation. Buying original art from an artist begins a unique and personal relationship that will last lifetimes.

It is an investment that you can enjoy, visually. You are the owner of a work of art, the only one of it’s kind. You are investing in heritage and your investment insures this heritage will continue to live on, evolve and inspire the next generation.

But, original art is expensive, why not buy a print?

Would you rather have your mother standing in the room with you, or a picture of your mother? If you think about it in these terms, you have already answered the question. The value of an original work of art continues to grow, the value of a print in today’s digital world, is less likely to increase in value – where the signature of the artist on the print becomes more valuable than the print itself.

My Office

My Office

Here is an interesting breakdown based on my current studio work schedule. I work 6-8 hours daily on a painting, most pieces taking two weeks to a month to complete. So, let’s take an average of 3 weeks. Three weeks at an average of let’s say 145 hrs per painting. Compare this to your salary, what would you earn for comparable hours in your profession? Add supplies on top of this; canvas, paints, finishing items such a wiring and making ready for presentation. I am self-employed, a small business owner on top of making art, I have all the responsibilities of maintaining and managing a small business. From administrative to accounting, shipping, marketing and sales. If I am exhibiting with a gallery sometimes they take on some of these responsibilities, but as a contractor (rather than an employee of a gallery) I still carry a significant load. As my recognition in the industry increases, my years of experience in painting and in building a significant body of work continues, the value of my work increases. In 2007 I was selling work for $400, now I am selling work for upwards of $6000 dollars. Increasing value in my work translates to a raise in salary. This is why buying original art is an investment. By purchasing a painting, you are investing in an artist’s career and in buying their work you are ensuring the longevity of their career and an increase in your investment. Art never decreases in value, it only increases, and it is one of the safest and most pleasurable investments you can make.

I am also able to offer more than one way to invest. You can pay for your art in full at the time of purchase, or you can make payments over a period of time manageable for you through art leasing. More about Art Leasing here

I am not saying don’t buy prints, I have even sold a few very limited editions of high quality prints, but there is nothing like being in the room with the genuine article.

There is a wonderful article in the Globe and Mail that speaks on the importance of investing in art and culture. “To become the creative, innovative and imaginative citizens that our companies and governments want us to be, people need to willingly expose themselves to new ideas. A vibrant arts and culture community is the easiest way to make this possible.” Read on here.

Corporate Collecting

There are many advantages for small and large businesses to purchase Original Canadian Art. The Canadian tax law allows business owners to purchase and write-off Original Canadian Art in its entirety. The acquisition of Original Canadian Art is included in the Capital Cost Allowance for all Canadian businesses, so long as the Artist was a Canadian Citizen when creating the work and the work of art is an Original worth a minimum of $200.


@ Marty Smith Motors - Victoria, BC

@ Marty Smith Motors – Victoria, BC

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