The Three-Step Process to success


by Dale Trenholm

March 19, 2014 (ISN) – The Three-Step Process to Success, crucial for handling distractions and pressures, will help you be successful with your sport and life. We all know the saying, “If I only knew what I know now—back then.”

As a parent, don’t we all want to share our wisdom with our children so they don’t have to go through what we went through and can acquire what we didn’t have? Of course we do. This is what I am doing here: sharing my wisdom, mistakes, experience, and knowledge from these past 50 years to help sports-minded enthusiast.

I learned from Jack Canfield an important component to receiving feedback: keep an open mind. Feedback helps keep us on course and comes to us from many different directions—we just need to be observant of it. My articles are just one source of feedback that will help you with your sport and life. I will share with you what the top 3% of the most successful athletes do and what athletes shouldn’t do if they want to be an elite athlete. If you have any comments with my articles please share at I would love to have your feedback.

What is the Three-Step Process to Success? It is connecting your Mind, Body and Spirit with your Past, Present, and Future, which translates into being in the moment with a connection that is, how do I say it, enlightening – a rush. You cannot have a mind, body, and spirit without a past, present and future. This process to success isn’t immediate, but rather an everyday process with your life and sport. Always striving, learning, and pushing to be better than you were yesterday with your M.B.S will ultimately give you the best chance at reaching your aspirations with your sport. In addition, you will acquire the balance, harmony, and contentment that sports has to offer.

Basically, “The Process to Success means you have to put your whole heart into it— that’s it.” You must push your Mind, Body, and Spirit to the max. There is no fast track to success with sports—just hard, hard (and smart I would like to add), persistent work sustained over an extended period of time. This hard work will take patience and imagination toward the goals you set for yourself. There is no other way to receive a generous scholarship, or be paid as an elite athlete to do the sport you love, without persistent hard work.

Decide what you want: Once you decide what sport you truly love and want to play, or are already playing, determine and understand the price you will have to pay to get what you want, then accept you are willing to pay the price; only then will you be able to go through what is necessary to reach your aspiration as an athlete. If you are not willing to do what is necessary—which is ok, because this is your choice—becoming an elite athlete isn’t going to happen. You may have other aspirations, but you can still use determination and acceptance to get what you want. You just have to be willing to do what is necessary to attain your goal.

Ultimately, aspiring to be an elite athlete at a university or professional level begins with the Three-Step Process to Success with connecting your Mind, Body, and Spirit with your past, present, and future, then making a concrete decision, determining the price you will have to pay, and, most importantly, accepting you are willing to pay the price. Then put your whole heart into your decision by doing what is necessary. Only great opportunities with sport and life will come from this commitment and persistence. What sport are you committed to? Or what sport do you really want to commit to?

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