President’s Award 2013-2014


April 18, 2014 (ISN) – Good evening and thank-you to all for sharing in a night where we acknowledge all our award winners over the course of this past year.

This last award, the President’s Award, is one that I personally have enjoyed selecting the recipient for the past 3 years. Obviously going over the past list of recipients; a great list to be a part of. So many teams or individuals who have given a lot to our game and the VISL from the 1st recipient Fred Crossett, to last year’s Bill Murphy.

There have been plenty of people who have given their time over the years. Some people give a little or are just involved for a short time, while others are approaching their 25 Year Anniversary.

So besides approaching their 25 year, this year’s recipient has had a busy tenure. The majority of VISL involvement has been via coaching and managing men’s teams. It must be noted that this person has done so much more. Coaching kids, (both boys & girls) coaching women, sitting on Boards, being a President of a local Club…..the list goes on and on…….a field organizer, tournament organizer and even a score recorder.

A coaching career that started in 1992, it was clear at an early stage that this person cared very much for the teams that they were coaching. Kids were able to stay focused and involved and on track as drills were always enjoyable and well thought out. A key attribute that this person has is that all people they dealt with were treated with respect and not talked down to – how this person still operates to this day.

In talking to this persons spouse, it was obvious that the teams enjoyed the BBQ’s at the house and there was nothing but good memories when this person’s name was brought up. One of the best memories that some players discussed was the recent qualifying for BC Cup. Provincials had eluded them for some time, was great to go that much deeper post season.

A big turning point in this person’s life came when the Lower Island Boys Youth League was struggling. Struggling so much that it almost collapsed, but with this person helping out – it was able to gets back on its feet and the Lower Island Soccer Association has been strong ever since. Tim Satterford & Harold McNeil have nothing but great words to say of this person.

By now, the individual I am talking about may have figured things out, but others may still be in the dark a bit. This is where I have typically gone into a little detail about a crazy story or slung some friendly dirt about the individual. I tried a lot of different angles and did a bunch of research – not too much luck. Either this person has some wicked blackmail on all his buddies, or he may be a modern day angel ! I look at the company he keeps – should be no problem in getting a few nasty stories just by the company he keeps and the association to them – no dice. So somehow you hang out with guys like Akam, Massey, Adrian, Wade and Simon and there is no dirt……I know I could go on about any 1 of those 5 guys. It would be like going off about Kevin James, Gorge Pakos, or Bill Murphy – tons of amo. Plenty of good times and plenty of trouble !

So many road trips to Powell River on the Mainland, people say there is nothing……quite upsetting really.

I did remember that last year this person was red carded for going a little nuts on a ref. Unbelievable……fines, suspension….at least it was found out that he was human after all.

Other really nasty things about this person: he has a major addiction to sugar. 8 packs of it needed for a Tim Horton’s coffee. This person also used to smoke. Thankfully he quit, but it came at the expense of getting addicted to strawberry campino’s. Still to this day I am informed that he grabs a bunch of candies from the house on his way out the door. And of course, his Super Mario moustache….some say he might have been born with it….some ask will it ever be shaved off??

OK, the nasty stuff stops there! What really sticks is how this person attended every coaching course he could find in order to complete his certification. He even gained a number of organization skills and eventually became President of the Club. Holding his position for 4 years, he obviously dealt with people very well and avoided confrontation at most times.

Another thing that really sticks is how this person ran 5 different teams in 2006…… U-18 Gold & Silver girls, Div 3, 4, & U-21 Men.

Leadership was quite evident when the U-20 World Cup was in town as the Club was one of the first clubs to commit without reservation.

This person has been involved in a lot of challenges that Prospect Lake has encountered. From the mini wind up tourney that had 6″ of snow to many others. He didn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and getting in the mix.

I would think that along with Fleming Anderson and many other club members, the big dream and eventual reality of putting together a turf field was challenging to say the least. This person was instrumental in securing the field, hard labour, many hours of “negotiations” for free labour, fundraising, and paying off the turf in the first 4 months – obviously a legacy to be left behind. Nice to know that every time you walk by Layritz, that your name can be associated with it.

There is no doubt that when you say Prospect Lake you associate this person with the club.

He is not one to accept accolades or be a politician in the public eye, but is definitely a great guy.

Touching so many lives, making a difference, I invite this year’s President’s Award recipient to come up – have a campino and perhaps share a few words –

Adriano Sumberac.


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