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April 19, 2014, Victoria (ISN) – Capital Drift is the premier drifting series in the Capital Region of Victoria and competition and practice events are held locally right here in at our own Western Speedway.

It was their season opener on Saturday, and before the gates were open to the public I was given the chance to hang around in the stands and out in the pit to see some of the practice runs firsthand, and to witness for myself what these awesome and fearless drivers had to offer.

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A drivers’ meeting is first up. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

Under overcast skies, the track was all set up and the drivers were now able to get settled in behind the wheel for the start of their practice runs. With three or four cars taking to the track at once, they sped away one after the other down the straight stretch and through the turns, pedal to the metal. Only then did the show really begin.

1IMG 2271
Next up….chasing the geese off the track. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

It was hard to see the cars through the smoke after a while, but what a rush for us spectators. I can only imagine the thrill of being behind the wheel, or of being the person riding shotgun.

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)


  • Saturday April 19th, Easter Weekend
  • Monday May 19th, Victoria Day
  • Saturday August 2nd, BC Day
  • Monday September 1st, Labour Day


  • Saturday Practices: Tech is at 8am
  • Thursday Night Practices: Tech is at 5pm
  • Saturday February 15th
  • Saturday March 15th
  • Thursday April 3rd
  • Thursday May 8th
  • Thursday June 5th
  • Thursday July 24th
  • Thursday August 21st
  • Thursday September 18th
  • Saturday October 25th, Pumpkin Smash
  • Saturday November 15th

Facebook album to follow.

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2306
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2340
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2421
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

aIMG 2435
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

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(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2507
(Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2527
Lots of burning rubber. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2531
It was hard to see the cars through the haze. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)

1IMG 2538
Finishing touches. (Photo: Kasey Eriksen ISN)