An event-filled opening night


April 27, 2014, Langford BC (ISN) – Since last September Langford’s Western Speedway has been quiet on Saturday nights but the roar of race cars, and an enthusiastic crowd, brought an end to that as the new season began with the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers.

The very talented Jenny Rhodes got the crowd going as she completed the National Anthem and received a great ovation.

Shawn Young #62 spun out by Mike Melin #64. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


The first winner to Victory Square for 2014 was Brian Wakelin in the Bomber Series followed by Brandon Young in the Truck Series, Troy Tarbuck in the Demo Car Series, and Cody Young in the Figure 8 Class winning Trophy Dashes.

Tony Kambo #4 races inside Sean Whitley #69. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


Heat race wins went to James and Brandon Young in the Figure 8s, Rob Morgan in the Truck Series, Cody Young in the Demo Cars, Aaron Cameron and Brian Wakelin in the Bomber Series. Between regular racing Capital Drift put on a demonstration of their type of racing that sometimes look as though they are totally out of control but in fact are in complete control as they throw the cars into a four wheel drift around the corners, along the straights, and quite often burn the tires completely off the rims.

Burning rubber with Capital Drift. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)

A large field of eighteen cars took the green flag for twenty laps of racing in the Figure 8 Series led by Trevor Cannon and James Young on the front row. With limited space and a large car count the hitting was hard and after three laps Shawn Young had the lead.

Crowded Cross over in Figure 8 action. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


On lap ten the yellow came out as the cross over was jammed with stalled cars. The race was halted in order to clear some of the vehicles and during the wait Shawn’s car caught fire ending his night. After a restart, Cody Young grabbed the lead followed by Kail Beck and Rhett Scevics.

Shawn Young’s car on fire. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


By lap eleven Kail led followed by Scevics and James Young. Over the last few laps most of the cars were disabled and when the dust settled Beck hung on for the win followed by Scevics, James Young, Alex Carey, and Hilary Degraaf rounding out the top five positions.

Bobby Cyr #29 races with dad Giles Cyr. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)

Tony Kambo and Aaron Cameron led a field of eleven cars to the green flag for thirty-five laps of racing in the Bomber Series. Cameron grabbed the lead on the first lap and then checked out on the field in the early going followed by Sean Whitley and Kambo.

Giles Cyr #98 passes Sam Lagan #56. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


On lap five Jarrod Heap moved into the third spot and then took over second on lap twelve. On lap fifteen the yellow came out and that was the last thing Cameron wanted to see after gaining such a huge lead. On the double file restart, Cameron had Heap on his outside but quickly got back to lead as several drivers changed position behind him.

Troy Tarbuck – Demo Car Feature event winner. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


On lap nineteen Giles Cyr moved into contention taking the fourth spot and moving into third on lap twenty-four. The yellow came out again as Heep spun around in turn three and four and got tagged by Cody Sadler as he had nowhere to go. On the double file restart, Cameron now had Giles Cyr to his outside and it was Cyr who got the best jump and took over the lead. Cyr went on for the win followed by Cameron, Sam Lagan, Rich Gerhard, tand Kambo rounding out the top five positions.

Rob Morgan – Demo Truck Feature event winner. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)

Eddy Cooper had the pole with Shawn Young on the outside as eight cars took the green flag for Masin event racing with the Demo Car Series. Cody Young waisted little time grabbing the lead as he did so on the second lap followed quickly by Mike Melin. George Haywood, last season’s Truck Champion, moved into contention taking the third spot on lap three and then lost that position to Troy Tarbuck on lap six.

Ashton Campbell – Boat race winner. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


Positions changed almost every lap and with just a few laps remaining Cody’s dad, last season’s Demo Car Champ caught the leader and spun him out allowing Tarbuck to grab the lead and the win. Tarbuck was followed by Melin, Jim Young, Haywood, and Shawn Young to the chequered flag.

Kail Beck – Figure 8 Feature event winner. (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)

Seven Trucks led by Cam Wilkinson and Jake Matthews took the green flag for fifteen laps of racing in the Demo Truck Series. Brandon Young grabbed the lead on lap two and then lost that to Bill Gallacher on lap five. Positions changed rapidly throughout the event with a few hard hits and lots of spinning out.

Giles Cyr (Left) Bomber Feature event winner (Photo from different event) (Photo: Ken Keating ISN)


When the chequered flag dropped, Rob Morgan grabbed the win followed by Billy Stidston, Jake Matthews, Dave Cates, and Cam Wilkinson rounding out the top five positions.

To cap off a great opening night, Western Speedway prresented a boat race. Several drivers took part and the hits were hard and often with fibreglass pieces left scattered around the Langford oval. Boats were hit whether they were attached to a car or not.

When the dust settled Ashton Campbell was declared the winner as he came home with most of his boat still intact. “That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time” he said. All Trophy Dash and Feature event winners were presented with Lordco Ball caps with the Swag Shop also passing hats to the Feature event winners as Lori and Winter, dressed in beautiful gowns courtesy of the Victoria Bridal Boutique, passed out the hardware and caps at Victory Square.

The next event, at Western Speedway, is May 3rd when the Island Stock Cars, SDL Bins Mini Stocks, Island Dwarf Cars, OTRA, and the WilRoc Non Winged Sprint Cars invade the Langford oval.