Interview with May 9th Mayhem fight Promoter


May 3, 2014, Victoria BC (ISN) – An interview with local fight promoter Sandeep “DP” Sundher for the upcoming fights. Mayhem promoter wants to raise the bar on Victoria’s fight scene.

Sandeep and Apryl are ready to rock shop
Sandeep and Head Ring Girl are ready to rock shop. Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News

May 3, 2014 – If you take a look at the professional fight scene, you may not think there are many good fighters in Victoria, BC. The truth, however, is Victoria and Vancouver Island in general, has produced some amazing fighting talent. Victoria’s Sarah Kaufman of ZUMA Martial Arts fought Ronda Rousey in the UFC! Gabriel Varga of Island MMA/Peterc’s Martial Arts Centre is an undefeated kickboxer for Glory Sports International. Do I have your attention now?

Victoria has held some amazing fight events and 29 year old local K-1 fight promoter, Sandeep “DP” Sundher wants to make May 9th Mayhem even better. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sandeep and ask him some questions.

Sandeep is a fighter himself
Sandeep is a fighter himself and has a passion to see good fight events in Victoria. Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News

ISN: What made you interested in fighting and fight events?

DP: I started wrestling with the Heart Foundation (yes, the WWE Superstars) and really enjoyed the experience. I’ve trained with Sarah Kaufman at Zuma and a couple years ago, I started training with Jason Heit and Stan Peterec. All these amazing fighters have continued to instill that passion.

ISN: What made you think about promoting a fight event here in Victoria.

DP: Training with Jason and Stan has provided some great opportunities. In addition to learning about fighting, I have a passion for business and networking. I wanted to do something so we continue having great fight events.

ISN: What makes Mayhem different from other events held here?

DP: I really want this to be big, similar to WWE Events with a large screen or two so people can see all the action regardless of where they sit. I have a great venue in Pearkes Arena and amazing local fighting talent.

Sandeep has a passion for Business
Sandeep has a passion for Business. Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News

ISN: I see from the poster that some of the proceeds for the event are going to Baby Hannah. Tell me about your involvement with that.

DP: I love kids. I have a young niece and it breaks my heart to see an innocent child like that hurt. I wanted to do something to help the family out.

ISN: What does the future hold?

DP: I’ve been talking with Jason Heit and others and we have a strong desire to bring Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events back to Victoria. We want to put on a good event every few months.

ISN: Apryl, you are the head ring girl for this event. Tell me a little about your involvement.

AA: I’ve been doing training also and truly love it.

Apryl Athena will be the head ring girl for Mayhem
Apryl Athena will be the head ring girl for Mayhem Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News

ISN: What does the future hold for you?

AA: I’m wanting to develop a career as a dietitian and fitness coach.

ISN: Indeed, you are in amazing shape. Thank you both for your time.

Mayhem Summary:

Mayhem will be held at Pearkes Arena on Friday, May 9th 2014. Doors open at 6pm with fights starting at 7pm. The event will feature 10 amazing kickboxing and boxing fights with 4 title fights including local ISKA World Welterweight title holder, Suraj Bangarh of Canada’s Best Karate defending his title.

Tickets for Mayhem are available from the following locations:

Sports Traders – 508 Discovery St – 250-383-6443

Suits U – 942 Fort St – 250-386-6922

Peterec’s Gym – 831 Fisgard St – 250-389-6166

Watch this website for more information about this event as this writer will be interviewing the title fight contenders at the weigh-ins and will have post fight interviews and pics!


May 9th Mayhem Facebook Event Page:

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