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OTTAWA (CIS) – Pierre Lavertu, a centre from LavalUniversity, became the eighth CIS player in as many years –and the 12th in the past 15 years – to be selected first overall inthe CFL Canadian Draft when the Calgary Stampeders called his nameat No. 1, on Tuesday evening.

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It was a record night for CIS football as 59 players from theleague were selected out of 65 total picks (90.8%), shattering theprevious standard of 44 set a year ago (out of 60 picks). The eightCIS standouts drafted in the opening round also tied the leaguemark from 1970 and 1972.

Eight more CIS stars were called in each of the second, thirdand fourth rounds, with nine following in the fifth, seven in thesixth and 11 in the seventh, which included two more picks than theother rounds.

A native of Quebec City, Lavertu followed in the footsteps ofCalgary defensive tackle Linden Gaydosh, who was picked firstoverall by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats a year ago, as well asSaskatchewan offensive lineman Ben Heenan (2012 – Saskatchewan),StFX linebacker Henoc Muamba (2011 – Winnipeg), Queen’slinebacker Shomari Williams (2010 – Saskatchewan), Albertaoffensive lineman Simeon Rottier (2009 – Hamilton), Saskatchewandefensive back Dylan Barker (2008 – Hamilton) and Regina widereceiver Chris Bauman (2007 – Hamilton), the other No. 1 selectionsfrom CIS since 2007.

Before Lavertu, defensive end Miguel Robédé (2005- Calgary) and offensive lineman Alexandre Gauthier (2002 – Ottawa)were the only Laval players to go at No.1. Moments beforetonight’s draft, the Stampeders traded veteran offensivelineman Jon Gott to the expansion Ottawa RedBlacks in order to pickfirst overall for the first time since 2005, when they selectedRobédé.

Since 1965 (year of first Vanier Cup championship), 29 CISplayers have been chosen with the first pick. All players selectedfirst overall in the first nine CFL Canadian Drafts between 1956and 1964 were also from schools currently competing in CIS.

“It’s amazing. I thought there was a chance I couldgo number one but once it’s done, there are no words todescribe the feeling,” Lavertu said. “The Stampederscontacted me in the last few days to check on my health and see ifI was ready for a pro camp, so I could see there was a possibilitythere.

“When a team makes a big trade to draft you, it shows howinterested they are in you.”

Lavertu, who also played CEGEP football in his hometown – atF.-X. Garneau – before joining the Rouge et Or, was dominantin his four campaigns at Laval. The 6-foot-3, 300-pound businessadministration student was voted an RSEQ conference all-star everyseason and a first-team all-Canadian each of the past three years.He helped the Quebec City powerhouse capture four straight DunsmoreCups as RSEQ champions and three Vanier Cup national titles,including the last two.

Last fall, he was part of an offensive unit that topped theQuebec league in scoring (34.1 points per game), rushing (216.6yards per game) and least quarterback sacks allowed (15). Laval setVanier Cup rushing records in each of the past two CIS championshipgames with 373 yards in 2012 and a mindboggling 449 lastNovember.

After playing in the CIS East West Bowl a year ago, Lavertu wasranked in the top four on each CFL Scouting Bureau prospect listsreleased throughout 2013-14, including at No. 4 back in September,No. 2 in January and No. 3 last month.

In addition to Lavertu, the CIS standouts selected in the firstround on Tuesday included Manitoba running back Anthony Coombs (No.3 – Toronto), Montreal defensive back Antoine Pruneau (No. 4– Ottawa), Montreal offensive lineman David Foucault (No. 5– Montreal), St. Francis Xavier wide receiver Devon Bailey(No. 6 – Edmonton), Concordia defensive lineman Quinn Smith(No. 7 – Calgary), Western linebacker Beau Landry (No. 8Hamilton) and Manitoba defensive lineman Evan Gill (No. 9 –Hamilton).

All were listed on the Scouting Bureau’s final Top 15chart on April 22.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, an offensive tackle from McGill, wasthe No. 1-ranked player heading into the evening but the reigningJ.P. Metras Trophy winner saw his CFL stock drop after he wasdrafted by the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, on Saturday. TheStampeders took him 19th overall with the first pick of the thirdround.

Laval and Montreal led all CIS programs with six playersselected, followed by Manitoba (5), Concordia (4), Queen’s(4), Toronto (4) and Western (4).

The six-team RSEQ league was the most prolific of the four CISconferences with 21 draftees, followed by the 11-team OUA (19),six-team Canada West (11) and four-team AUS (8).

Defensive linemen were the most popular CIS players as no lessthan 18 were called. Offensive linemen, linebackers and receiverstied for second (8), ahead of running backs / fullbacks (7),defensive backs (6) and kickers (4).

The 2014 CFL season gets underway on June 26th.

NOTES: The 1983 and 1984 CFL Canadian Drafts opened with oneTerritorial Protection per team, so the first player drafted wasthe 10th overall choice… Each Draft from 1973 to 1982 opened withtwo Territorial Protections per team, so the first player draftedwas the 19th overall choice.

CIS playersselected in 2014 CFL Canadian Draft (59):

First Round (9 total selections)
1. Pierre Lavertu, Laval, OL (by Calgary)
3. Anthony Coombs, Manitoba, RB (by Toronto)
4. Antoine Pruneau, Montreal, DB (by Ottawa)
5. David Foucault, Montreal, OL (by Montreal)
6. Devon Bailey, StFX, WR (by Edmonton)
7. Quinn Smith, Concordia, DL (by Calgary)
8. Beau Landry, Western, LB (by Hamilton)
9. Evan Gill, Manitoba, DL (by Hamilton)

Second Round (9 total selections)
1. (10th overall) Andrew Lue, Queen’s, DB (by Montreal)
2. (11th overall) Dylan Ainsworth, Western, DL (bySaskatchewan)
4. (13th overall) Scott MacDonnell, Queen’s, WR (byOttawa)
5. (14th overall) Pascal Lochard, Laval, RB (by BritishColumbia)
6. (15th overall) Aaron Milton, Toronto, RB (by Edmonton)
7. (16th overall) Max Caron, Concordia, LB (by Calgary)
8. (17th overall) Jesse Briggs, McGill, LB (by Winnipeg)
9. (18th overall) Alex Pierzchalski, Toronto, WR (bySaskatchewan)

Third Round (9 total selections)
1. (19th overall) Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill, OL (byCalgary)
2. (20th overall) Johnny Mark, Calgary, K (by Saskatchewan)
3. (21st overall) Jaskaran Dhillon, UBC, DL (by Toronto)
4. (22nd overall) Jeff Finley, Guelph, DL (by Montreal)
5. (23rd overall) Nigel Romick, Saint Mary’s, DL (byOttawa)
6. (24th overall) Adam Thibault, Laval, DB (by Calgary)
7. (25th overall) Joe Circelli, Western OL (by Calgary)
8. (26th overall) Kristopher Bastien, Concordia, WR (bySaskatchewan)

Fourth Round (9 total selections)
1. (28th overall) Aaron Weathon, Toronto, OL (by Ottawa)
3. (30th overall) Raye Hartmann, StFX, DB (by Edmonton)
4. (31st overall) James Tuck, York, DL (by Montreal)
5. (32nd overall) David Ménard, Montreal, DL (by BritishColumbia)
6. (33rd overall) Thomas Miles, Manitoba, LB (by Toronto)
7. (34th overall) Derek Wiggan, Queen’s, DL (by Calgary)
8. (35th overall) Andrew Smith, Manitoba, WR (by Montreal)
9. (36th overall) Alexandre Dupuis, Montreal, FB (by Toronto)

Fifth Round (9 total selections)
1. (37th overall) Hugo Desmarais, Laval, OL (by Ottawa)
2. (38th overall) Eric Black, Saint Mary’s, DB (byToronto)
3. (39th overall) Matt Webster, Queen’s, DB (bySaskatchewan)
4. (40th overall) Tyler Crapigna, McMaster, K (by Calgary)
5. (41st overall) Alexander Fox, Bishop’s, WR (by BritishColumbia)
6. (42nd overall) Evan Pszczonak, Windsor, WR (by Toronto)
7. (43rd overall) Nick Boyd, Manitoba, K (by Montreal)
8. (44th overall) Christopher Johnson, Toronto, LB (byHamilton)
9. (45th overall) Kyle Paterson, Regina, OL (by Saskatchewan)

Sixth Round (9 total selections)
1. (46th overall) Stephon Miller, Windsor, DL (by Ottawa)
2. (47th overall) Quinn Everett, Mount Allison, DL (byWinnipeg)
3. (48th overall) Zackary Medeiros, Montreal, K (by Edmonton)
4. (49th overall) Jean-Christophe Beaulieu, Sherbrooke, FB (byMontreal)
7. (52nd overall) Mathieu Girard, Montreal, DL (by Hamilton)
8. (53rd overall) Stephen Mawa, UBC, DL (by Hamilton)
9. (54th overall) Travis Bent, Concordia, LB (by Saskatchewan)

Seventh Round (11 total selections)
1. (55th overall) Vincent Desloges, Laval, DL (by Ottawa)
2. (56th overall) Aram Eisho, McMaster, LB (by Winnipeg)
3. (57th overall) Michael Dadzie, Regina, DL (by Edmonton)
4. (58th overall) Mackenzie Sarro, Calgary, FB (by Montreal)
5. (59th overall) Guillaume Bourassa, Laval, RB (by BritishColumbia)
6. (60th overall) Kirby Fletcher, Acadia, DL (by Toronto)
7. (61st overall) Brian Marshall, Western, WR (by Calgary)
8. (62nd overall) Martin Pesek, Acadia, DL (by Hamilton)
9. (63rd overall) Terry Hart, StFX, OL (by Saskatchewan)
10. (64th overall) Alexandre Bernard, McGill, LB (by Ottawa)
11. (65th overall) Kevin Malcolm, McMaster, DL (by Ottawa)

CIS playersselected by round (59):

First round: 8
Second: 8
Third: 8
Fourth: 8
Fifth: 9
Sixth: 7
Seventh: 11

CIS playersselected by regional associations (59):

RSEQ: 21
OUA: 19
Canada West: 11
AUS: 8

CIS playersselected by universities (59):

Laval: 6 *
Montreal: 6 *
Manitoba: 5
Concordia: 4
Queen’s: 4
Toronto: 4
Western: 4
McGill: 3
McMaster: 3
StFX: 3 *
Acadia: 2
UBC: 2
Calgary: 2
Regina: 2
Saint Mary’s: 2
Windsor: 2
Bishop’s: 1
Guelph: 1
Mount Allison: 1
Sherbrooke: 1
York: 1

* Laval, Montreal and StFX each had a player drafted who lastplayed for the school in 2011

CIS playersselected by positions (59):

Defensive linemen: 18 *
Offensive linemen: 8
Linebackers: 8
Receivers: 8
Running back / fullbacks: 7
Defensive backs: 6
Kickers: 4

* 1 defensive lineman (Kevin Malcolm) drafted as a longsnapper

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