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May 12 2014 ISN – Independent Sports News would like to congratulate John Moonlight and Phil Mack for being selected to the IRB Sevens Dream Team for the 2013/2014 season.

Mack and Moonlight are two players that embody the spirit of Canadian rugby and have been incredible performers this season on the World Series.

The dynamic duo helped Canada to their best-ever sixth place finish from the nine-stop series, which included a third place finish in Las Vegas and second in Glasgow.

“They deserve the recognition they’re receiving from the IRB. They’ve both been a huge reason we had success this year,” said John from London.

“John (Moonlight) has grown into a natural leader and is one of the strongest men on the series and Phil (Mack) performed exceptionally well all season and had a hat trick today in the Bowl Final. I’m proud of them!”