May 14, 2014, Nanaimo (ISN) – A great race tonight, with more than 30 starters. Intermediate primes for the men gave Tom Skinner 4 points, Nick Kupiak and Hay 2 and Justin Mark 1.

The women’s primes resulted in Janna Gillick scoring 5 points and Carey Mark 4. As usual, there were many abortive attempts to break away but none succeeded and the pack were all together on the last lap.

The final sprint looked like a one two for the VIPYRS youth duo of James Grant and Brodie Hay but MIVA fast man Nick Kupiak took the win by just a fraction of a wheel. Master B Iain Hay easily took 4th.

Place from Victoria Wheelers’ Tom Skinner. MIVA diva Janna finished 7th. overall and well ahead of Steed Cycles’ Carey to take the women’s top points.

Female youth rider Jessica Reynolds did well to stay with the bunch for 12 laps and then again for a further 10. She shows a lot of promise and will be a force to be reckoned with before too long. Paul Thompson and Kirby Villeneuve DNF’d, the former showing great bike handling after a stray pedal took out several spokes.

The increased signage and many more cones, together with great marshalling by our volunteers ensured a safe race for all. Thanks to them and to our other volunteers who help to make this series so successful.