May 14 2014 ISN – LANGFORD, BC – Rugby Canada is very proud of Langford’s City Centre in its recent designation as a Facility of Excellence from the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association. The city of Langford has done spectacular things in its promotion of healthy lifestyles for all residents and Rugby Canada is glad to see Langford receive the recognition it deserves.

Rugby Canada’s Centre of Excellence has been based out of Langford since 2012, with huge support from the city and surrounding area. The City Centre is a central part of the Rugby Canada organization and Rugby Canada takes great pride in our beautiful facility.

Mike Leskiw, Manager of Parks and Recreation, is a devout supporter of the collaboration between the city of Langford and Rugby Canada. “This award is great because it acknowledges the great partnership between the Mayor and Council of Langford and Rugby Canada. This facility provides great recreational opportunities for all individuals of the community, including elite athletes. The city is very proud of this collaboration and the facility highlights that.”

Thanks to Langford’s support and the great facility, Rugby Canada has achieved new highs this season across all platforms. The Canadian women’s teams especially have seen international success, the Women’s 7s team boasts being ranked 3rd internationally. Additionally, the Canadian Women’s 15s team looks forward to the Women’s Rugby World Cup this summer where they anticipate one of their best showings ever. Men’s teams too have seen great development as the 7s now rank 6th overall, up from 12th last season.

Rugby Canada expects this relationship with the city of Langford to grow and continue to benefit both the city of Langford and sport in Canada.