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May 15 2014 ISN – VICTORIA, B.C. – The Victoria HarbourCats and Baggins Shoes are pleased to announce a unique partnership that will see a line of team-logo shoes available through both Baggins Shoes and at SPORTS TRADERS DIAMOND at Royal Athletic Park.


Baggins Shoes, a well-known local store, has designed four styles – one on a Vans brand shoe, and three on Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Tops that give an option for young fans adults to walk around showing their support for the Victoria HarbourCats.

“This is a fun project for our company, and a great way to offer something different – we think this will get a lot of attention for the team, and add to community pride,” said Brydie Griffin, Manager at Baggins Shoes, whose signature retail outlet is located on lower Johnson Street, south side in the PaperBox Arcade, across from the gates of Market Square.

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“The HarbourCats are all about representing Victoria at an elite level, and we are excited they were willing to have their logo on our shoes. We have a design process and printing ability to do just about anything on a pair of Converse or Vans, and this local connection is a creative way of showcasing that.”

The Converse model will retail at $99.99, and the Vans will sell for $89.99.

“Baggins is one of those feel-good stores in downtown Victoria, and they have a unique product that meshes with our goals of finding creative ways to market HarbourCats baseball and reach out to the community,” said Jim Swanson, General Manager of the HarbourCats.

“In addition to being available at their store, we will have samples in our merchandise area at games. This is something fun that will appeal to youth, and to the youth in all of us. In the end, this project is just like baseball, and HarbourCats games – a lot of fun!”

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Here are the shoes – which are already being worn around town by members of the HarbourCats staff:

For more information – Jim Swanson, GM, 778-265-0327