Mat 27,2014 (ISN) – LANGLEY, British Columbia – This past spring the Trinity Western women’s basketball
team embarked on a two-week missions trip to Paraguay in which it partnered with
SportAid to help serve the people of Paraguay.

Over the course of its two-week journey, which ran from April 29 to May 11, the team
helped in a number of capacities as the group, which will featured 10 players and
eight support staff, served at nutrition stations and an orphanage and also helped
build a house.

“We were able to serve the country of Paraguay in a number of different ways,” said
Spartans coach Cheryl Jean-Paul. “Through a wide variety of experiences, we embraced
the attitude of a servant heart. It was an amazing trip as it was impactful in the
lives of our student-athletes but it also really bonded us with the people that we

Spartans third-year guard Luca Schmidt added: “We made a lot of relationships with
different kids and different people and we really just wanted to spread the love of
Jesus through the way that we served.”

Along the way, the team also played several basketball games against a number of
local squads as well as the Paraguayan women’s national team.

For the Spartans women’s basketball program, it was its first ever overseas trip.

“This trip was hugely profound in a lot of different ways,” said Jean-Paul, who
previously took the team on a service trip to New Orleans in 2012. “I think it was a
valuable experience for us to go through and it allows us to bring something home.
It’s not just something that we experience for two weeks in Paraguay and come home
and say, ‘Wow that was great,’ but then just go back to our day-to-day lives. I
think our day-to-day changes now because understand the value of relationships.

“And as a coach, I’m very humbled by being given this opportunity to help this
program take the next strides in its future.”