About four years ago a journey began. It started with an experience during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, that caused me to reflect on what it means to be a Canadian. From that experience my question grew into curiosity and I set off travelling; exploring and photographing some of Canada’s greatest landscapes, events and pop culture icons.

From this, a series of paintings emerged and the project became known as #ICONICCANUCK. These paintings extended my connections with people, I found myself painting athletes for Canadian Tire Jumpstart in Toronto and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary. These events allowed me to interact with more people, from all corners of Canada and continue the discussion. My journey then led to a solo showing of these paintings in Edmonton in December 2013, quickly followed by a week curating the @PeopleOfCanada twitter feed the week before Christmas. Through these experiences I had even more discussion and it is the people I met, in person and on-line, who set me on a deeper journey questioning, who are the People of Canada? Whether born, immigrated to, or ex-patriot, I want to know you, the People of Canada.

I need your help for this Canadian collaboration. Your photos and your stories provide the inspiration for the painted portraits. For more information and to submit your photo, visit http://www.peopleofcanada.ca

Follow the project on Twitter @iconiccanuck

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to AllHabs, Dennis-Kane.com, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Artists in Canada, Kiltpiper Marketing and Penny Rogers Photography in helping me spread the word about this project.

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