June 11,2014(ISN) – The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) will be introducing the retreat line into U12 soccer across the district this coming September. The use of the retreat line will encourage young players to play the ball out from the back rather than just kick it down field and away from their goal. By introducing the retreat line the LISA believes that the game will become more rewarding for players in the U12 age group.

How the Retreat Line works

When the ball goes out for a goal kick the defending team will retreat back into the middle third of the field. At the U12 age group the field is already split into thirds to allow the introduction of the offside rule. After the first pass from the goal kick is received the opposing team can then start to apply pressure to the ball. The use of the retreat line allows the player receiving the initial pass the opportunity to receive the ball free from pressure and then have a better chance of continuing the passing string.

“We know that some of our clubs have already implemented the retreat line into their programming and we believe that its time to bring this mechanism into all games across the district in the U12 age group. We will be monitoring the games very closely and if, as we expect, this encourages and allows our players to try to pass the ball through the field we will look at implementing this across other age groups in 2015-16 The research shows that the addition of the retreat line generates a higher success rate for creating passing sequences, which is exactly what we are looking for from our players and teams” commented LISA head coach Andrew Latham.