June 11, 2014(ISN) – Victoria B.C, – BC Summer Games and PacificSport partner to provide ‘pre-games’ community legacy.
Ready to take on a community leadership role that opens doors to new opportunities
in coaching and in life? PacificSport and the 2014 Nanaimo BC Summer Games invite
you to take a free coaching certification course. Enhance your technical abilities,
mentoring and decision-making skills….for free!!

”This module not only prepares you as a coach but also as a parent and a mentor.
The networking of coaches from all different sports makes for a wonderful
environment to learn,” states course facilitator and National Level coach, Al

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) gives coaches the confidence to
succeed and a pathway to guide them to becoming the best coach they can be.

This unique opportunity develops coaches as individuals as well as educates and
inspires them you to provide the best training environment for their athletes. NCCP
workshops are designed for all types of coaches, whether they are coaching their
child’s community team for the first time or they are already the head coach of a
team. The Part B theory course presents an opportunity to learn from world class
facilitators that have vast experience and knowledge to take aspiring community
leaders to their next level in their coaching careers.

The workshop focuses on developing ‘Teaching and Learning’ skills, tips on how to
design a basic sport program and mental training skills. These modules give coaches
an insight into both the technical and artistic sides of coaching in sport.

The two day workshop takes place on June 14th & 15th 2014 both 9am – 5pm at
Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo Building 356 Room 213

PacificSport VI has partnered with the BC Summer Games to promote the development of
coaches within our region. Therefore priority spots will be given to BC Summer
Games volunteers. Seating is limited register today online at