June 13 , 2014(ISN) – I love sports and have been involved with them since I was very young, but never has a sport meant so much to me that I shed a tear during warm up or an actual game or race. Never before have I been surrounded by such a phenomenal group of athletes that I now call family and coaches who have been so supportive and given so much of themselves for a team.


The first thing I really noticed about school rowing was how organized everything was and this week was no exception. Everything was listed and we all felt super comfortable travelling from place to place. We knew exactly where we had to be and at what time.

Making it to Nationals was in no way easy; our crew had as many hurdles as an Olympic track! Yet we made it. We surpassed expectations; we bonded together and pulled our guts out for each other and our coaches.

There are two moments on this trip that I will never forget. The first was in the finals on Sunday. We had just passed 1500m and someone in our boat yelled in agony. At that point, I just knew that every rower in our boat was digging deep and pulling with all their might. Somehow I managed to find another gear, one that I didn’t know I had. I was overwhelmed by this enormous sense of camaraderie that I had found with my new teammates, my new family. I might have shed a tear as we all just went for it and pulled hard through the finish.

The second event was later that day. Five of my best friends were in a van and there was the most beautiful sunset. I stopped the conversation and said, “Guys, look at this. We are going to remember this for along time.”

Now I have to say goodbye to some really incredible people as they graduate from SMUS. They look forward to a new chapter in their lives and I look forward to next season. I have to thank all my coaches, friends, family and supporters of SMUS rowing. I have found a new sport I love and a new rowing family I am very content to be a part of. Thank you all for this and for such a memorable experience.

SMUS Crew finishers

Gold Sr Wom Lightweight 8+ Brynn Cathrea
Kate Laumann-Wallace Charlie White
Sage Friswell Julianna Wong Natalie Blecha Dayna Fitzgerald Acacia Welsford Chloe White

GOLD Jr Women 63kg 4+
Brynn Cathrea
Kate Laumann-Wallace J ulianna Wong
Natalie Blecha
Pattie Ye

BRONZE Sr 63kg 4+ Squeezed out of silver by 0.14s
Charlie White Sage Friswell Dayna Fitzgerlad Acacia Welsford Chloe White

4th Sr 72kg 2X Andrew Williams
Brody Clement-Thorne

4th Sr 66kg 4+ Katelyn McAulay John Throne Connor Fenton Max Yong
David Cunningham

5th Jr Boys 8+ Nathan Anter Aubry Williams
David Cunningham

Jordan Hibbert Luke Erasmus Quinn Ngawati Ryan Totz Joshua Kahn Anika Johnson


Quinn is a Grade 9 day student at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, BC. This is his first year rowing.