Vancouver Canucks2

June 17,2014(ISN) – Vancouver, B.C. – Canucks Sports & Entertainment (CSE), in conjunction with SHIFT Energy, announced the launch of a comprehensive, automated Energy Optimization System (EOS™) at Rogers Arena. As part of CSE’s commitment to environmental sustainability and energy conservation, SHIFT’s EOS solution, the first enterprise-wide Intelligent Live Recommissiong solution on the market, will allow for significant reduction in energy consumption.

“As a live events facility, Rogers Arena has a dynamic, complex footprint of energy usage,” Al Hutchings, Director of Facility Operations and Engineering at Rogers Arena. “EOS™ is able to fine-tune the entire facility from HVAC to chillers to lighting – optimizing the facility in real-time, while respecting our event management needs. We feed the EOS™ solution with our event needs and the system takes care of the energy and space planning, continuously adjusting the equipment setpoints for optimal efficiency and performance. The result is big savings without significant changes to our daily operations.”

EOS™ began as a pilot project in June of 2013. After six months of development and another three months of engineering implementation, EOS is live at Rogers Arena, saving 14 percent of total energy in the arena.

“We were very pleased to have the Canucks collaborate with us on the development of EOS™,” Brock Sansom, President and CEO of SHIFT Energy said commenting about the launch. “The joint effort has produced an excellent result – establishing a new paradigm in building energy management. When big data analytics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are combined with engineering principles, a new era of energy waste reduction begins. We have taken an ‘intelligent-ready’ building and truly made it an ‘intelligent building ‘.”

The sophisticated intelligence powering EOS™ is a collection of patent-pending algorithms that have been developed by SHIFT over the past five years. These algorithms, combined with recent technological advances, have enabled EOS™ to derive a new, optimal energy plan for a building each minute of the day and immediately action the plan using the existing building automation systems. EOS saves $.30 to $.80 per minute for each building, resulting in an average annual portfolio energy savings of 15% to 35%.