Highlanders On The Road – Part 2: Playing In Portland

Hi Highlanders fans! Below you’ll find a day-to-day recap of this weekend’s Highlanders road trip to Oregon. First things first, my name is James. I manage communications for the club and am lucky enough to travel with the men’s first team through the PDL season.

The team plays in two crucial games this weekend! Saturday is a rematch against Portland, followed by a visit to 2014 expansion squad Lane United. It’s going to be exciting! I hope you enjoy the read while getting a little taste of what it’s like on the road for the fellas. Read on…

riley-bar.jpgSaturday’s game day began at 9:00 a.m.-ish in the hotel restaurant. Buffet-style eggs, sausage bacon, etc. were available to kick-off the day before the guys settled back into their rooms to catch the first World Cup match of the day. How about Messi though, getting his second goal of this year’s tournament but deciding to wait until stoppage time to do so. Reminiscent of the early-season last-minute heroics our squad pulled off, although not quite as exciting as those.

After the game we hopped on the bus to grab afternoon meals at Whole Foods. Whole foods is the real deal, they have everything. Elliot made the find of the afternoon, spotting a 500 ML bottle of …cashew milk (??) that cost no less than $13.99. Safe to say Cashew Milk is not in the budget, and I am curious as to how that company stays afloat.

Arriving back at the hotel, the team once settled in to watch Germany take on Ghanna. A conservative first half was made up for with an exciting final 45 minutes of play, it will be an interesting couple of days for that group! Hundal noticed a reoccurring habbit with Germany head coach Joachim Low that seems to happen during every camera cut to him. (Do you know what Hundal was referring to? Two tickets to whoever knows.) Led by athletic therapist Brandon Salter, the boys went for a light jog and stretch session following the game, followed by a meeting with head coach Steve Simonson as they prepared for the Timbers match.

screen-shot-2014-06-22-at-12.28_.21-am_.pngIt should be noted that the route we took going back and forth to the hotel from Whole Foods begged Elliot to ask if we were actually in Portland or just near it. This question was probably a result of driving past a somewhat deserted pseudo-China Town section of blocks, followed by the sight of establishments such as “Pirates Cove” and “Mittens Motel”. This is not a shot at Portland, just a curious stretch of road that we were witness to.

After a couple more hours at the hotel, the team headed to the pitch for their first game of the weekend. Things didn’t go as planned but I’m sure the guys can rebound tomorrow against Lane United. You can read the recap HERE.

Back at it tomorrow!