Highlanders On The Road – Part 3: Finding offence in Lane

screen-shot-2014-06-24-at-12.36_.54-pm_.pngHi Highlanders fans! Below you’ll the final recap of this weekend’s Highlanders road trip to Oregon. First things first, my name is James. I manage communications for the club and am lucky enough to travel with the men’s first team through the PDL season.

The team plays in two crucial games this weekend! Saturday was a rematch against Portland, followed by a visit to 2014 expansion squad Lane United. Read on to get my view of the final two days of our trip….

screen-shot-2014-06-24-at-12.36_.41-pm_.pngWell, the longest road trip of the season is in the books. A hard-fought loss on Saturday was all but erased with a more-than-impressive 7-0 win against Lane United the following day. It was a couple hours down to Lane from Eugene Saturday, with a couple breaks to stretch the legs.

We arrived a little early at Lane’s recreation facilities, where we were able to witness yet another crazy finish in the World Cup between the United States and Portugal. GM deFrias’ hopes of having one of his teams enter the round of 16 is still alive, for the moment. (His other team Spain was eliminated and apparently got struck by lightning on their most recent flight, definitely not their year.)

screen-shot-2014-06-24-at-12.36_.30-pm_.pngThe game was quite something, where Victoria was able to convert on virtually every chance they had throughout the ninety minutes. B-Wats’ performance in net should not be overlooked, as he made quite a few clutch saves to preserve his clean sheet, including a pair late in the first half that could have changed the flow of the game. Lane never really got a chance to take a breath between goals, despite having their share of chances in the second. The boys were sinking goals from every area possible, penalty kicks, finishing cross-passes, one-on-one match ups, sharp angle tally’s and perfectly placed strikes from the top of the 18. It was a relief to see that talent our squad has finally come through on the score sheet.

With the victory, we’re back in second place and have the second-most goals in the league! We headed back following the match to the hotel for late dinners in the surrounding area. Monday’s trip back saw us taking a break at Bob’s Burgers to catch the afternoon matches before making the final leg of the journey to the ferry.

Next weekend we’re back at home at RAP to host Seattle Sounders! See you at the pitch!

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