I’m not gonna lie, that track meet I did a few weeks ago (on June 7th)  got me hooked on track racing again I began to remember all the reasons I enjoyed it so much in high school and why I should never forget how much fun track is.

This one was pretty busy. There were a lot of people.

I saw a whole bunch of familiar faces from the previous meets as well as met some new people. There were some very fast runners at this one, making the races pretty exciting to watch.

The Muscle MLK cooler was a popular destination for race finishers and their friends.

I ended up spontaneously signing up for the 1500m and then 800m, which took place right after. Earlier that morning, I ran a nice and relaxing 10k with my friend.

This time I had a better idea of my 1500m ability, so I was looking for a sub-5:30 finish (not much faster because I already ran that day). I needed to get my speed fix. HAHAHA.

The best way to get me to run faster? Sign me up for the 1500m or 800m (or both, because, hey, I love a good challenge). Even though I’m not that fast at those events, they force me to run faster than my 5k effort. I need an adventure and I get it from running.

I cruised through the 1500m in 5:25, knowing that I was going to be racing the 800m right after, so I saved a little bit of energy.

Shortly after finishing the 1500m, I was on the start line for the 800m. The 800m went pretty well. I didn’t expect a fast finish because it was my first 800m in 6 years and I had just raced the 1500m.

I finished the 800m in 2:41, which was fast enough for me for that day.

I ended up being the 3rd female across the finish line in the open-mixed 1500m and 1st (female) in the open-mixed 800m, which was a nice surprise. Although it was pretty cool to walk away with some race bling, I felt like my reason for being there was far better than that.

Above: At the end of the meet, the cooler was empty and that’s why I was able to lift it. I’m also wearing one of the medals from that day as well as Public Myth shorts.

You can view the full results from the June 28, 2014 meet here.

I had an awesome time again and I wish that something like this would happen every week, if not twice a week.

I love the atmosphere at these events and I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to take part in The Q’s Victoria Run Series.