Glasgow’s Ready

(In)Famous Duke of Wellington statue outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art – Picture courtesy Andy Laing/ISN


2nd July 2014 (ISN) With less than three weeks to the start of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the city is gearing up to welcome athletes and tourists from 71 member nations.


Yesterday the Queen visited some of the venues for a behind the scenes look at where the athletes will be competing for Gold. With Andy Murray exiting from Wimbledon and the short World Cup hiatus i thought this would be a good time to start to post some articles about the city before it all kicks off on the 23rd of July.


As a proud Glaswegian I am looking forward to the Commonwealth Games being held in my home town and of course covering the games for Independent Sports News. There are many things about Glasgow that some people may find a little strange but to us here are perfectly normal.


For example, situated in Royal Exchange Square, outside Glasgow’s gallery of modern art (GOMA) is a statue of The Duke of Wellington which it is rare (almost unheard of) to see without a traffic cone on his head. The City council are always trying to remove the cone, last year there was a bill that came through from the council to erect a higher platform to prevent anyone from adding the funky headgear to the Duke. This caused massive outrage from the public who rallied round this somewhat weird tradition with social media campaigns and a petition. 


Just around the corner from the Duke is the City’s George Square which has a temporary merchandise superstore to sell official merchandise (at quite high prices!). Some of the many products on sale are of the Games mascot Clyde.

Clyde was designed by Beth Gilmour, who won a competition run by Glasgow 2014 for children to design the Mascot


Clyde, official mascot of the Commonwealth games – Picture courtesy of Andy Laing/ISN


Between now and the Games i will be posting a few other articles about Glasgow and hopefully we here at ISN will have some exclusives between now and the end of the 11 days of competition.


If you have anything you want to see or find out about Glasgow feel free to drop me an email to and give me a follow on twitter @AndyISN.


Are any fans of ISN coming over for the Commonwealths? Where you staying? What did you get tickets for? Who do you think has the best shot at medals from Team Canada?


Next Up, I think an article about our world famous cuisine and of course Single Malt Whisky!