July 4,2014(ISN) – The French countryside is hosting another rowing regatta this season. The River Aa,
in northern France, will be the site for this year’s World University Rowing

The mandate of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) was developed
to propagate sports values and promote sports practices which complement university

For Canadian crews, the chance to compete overseas against other university athletes
is another opportunity to gain valuable international racing experience.

“The 2014 FISU team is made up of our top university and college-based athletes from
across Canada,” said Peter Cookson, High Performance Director for Rowing Canada
Aviron. “The FISU Rowing Championships will provide an exciting and very competitive
international racing opportunity for these athletes”.

The FISU World Rowing Championships are open to all student athletes who are
presently studying or who have graduated within the past year. Athletesmust be
between 17 and 28 years of age.

The regatta will take place in the Parc des Rives de l’Aa, in Gravelines, France,
from September 12-14, 2014.

FISU Rowing Team

Lightweight Women’s Double (LW2X)

Jenna Pelham (U of Ottawa)
Lilianne Page (U of Ottawa)

Lightweight Women’s Single (LW1X)

Trish Mara (U of Victoria)

Lightweight Men’s Four (LM4-)

Ian Connell (University of Western Ontario)
Aaron Lattimer (UBC)
Jordan Rendell (Queens University)
Angus Todd (UBC)

Women’s Four (W4-)

Marika Kaye (U of Ottawa)
Genevieve Favreau (University of Western Ontario)
Sabina Proctor (University of Saskatchewan)
Mollie McCabe (Washington State University)

Men’s Double (M2X)

Andrew Stewart-Jones (Trent University)
Ben Murphy (U of Toronto)

Men’s Four (M4-)

Mike Evans (Princeton University)
Alex Jansen (UBC)
Tim Schrijver (Brock University)
David Lariviere (University of Western Ontario)

Men’s Eight (M8+)

Ben Coull (UBC)
David de Groot (Brock University)
Ben de Wit (UBC)
Graeme Blaskovich (UBC)
Eben Prevec (UBC)
Rob Gage (UBC)
Mick Malowany (Brock University)
Alex Munro (University of Western Ontario)
Coxswain: Jacob Koudys (U of Victoria)


Phil Marshall (Rowing Canada Aviron)
Mark Laidlaw (University of Calgary)
Brandon Campbell (Brock University)