In 2010 I began painting Ken Dryden’s goalie mask on the Canadian flag. This painting took me on a journey, down a path exploring the intersection of sport and art. In 2012 the painting was loaned to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary and joined the collection there for one year. I followed this up by painting on site at The Hall in 2013, as well as painting portraits of athletes for their induction ceremonies in Toronto later that year.

I had a great time at The Hall and was proud to exhibit my work alongside their resident artist, Gordon Milne’s paintings of sport heroes. Now, it seems our path’s will cross again in an inspiring show celebrating art, sport and Canada’s 55+ Games in Strathcona County, just outside of Edmonton.

Strathcona’s Gallery @501 curator, Brenda Barry Byrne, has put together a show which brings both sport history and art together under one roof. Objet De Sport, which officially welcomes the public on July 11th, will feature art inspired by sport next to actual artifacts from Alberta sport history. Again my work, the work of Gordon Milne, as well as artifacts on loan from Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame will come together. My paintings of Dave Dryden’s goalie mask on a Canadian stamp, Don ‘grapes’ Cherry and my inaugural painting for the People of Canada Portrait Project, Canadien’s Gothic, will all be on view in this show until September 2014. So lace up your roller blades and skate on over to the show!

Stamped in Goal, De-saturated Cherry and Canadien

Stamped in Goal, De-saturated Cherry and Canadien’s Gothic, by Brandy Saturley. Part of Objet De Sport – Gallery @501 July 7 – Sept. 6, 2014