July 10,2014(ISN) – The familiar sounds of clanging cowbells in the hills surrounding the Lucerne
racecourse greeted the Canadian Team as they rolled into Lucerne, Switzerland
earlier this week.

The Canadian squad is culminating a month long European tour this weekend with some
racing at World Rowing Cup 3, the final stage on the World Rowing Cup circuit. This
will be the last chance for crews to gage the strength of the competition before the
all-important 2014 World Rowing Championships, taking place at the end of August.

Following World Rowing Cup 2 last month in France, the men, under the tutelage of
Martin McElroy, travelled to Holland to continue racing while the women moved to
base camp in Italy to resume training (the men joined the women following their
Dutch campaign). As training camp progressed in the foothills of the Italian Alps,
the time between World Cups provided a chance for crews to fine tune race strategies
and work on technique.

The seasoned lightweight women’s double (LW2X) of Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia
Obee (both Vancouver Islanders) were happy to be training together following a
hiatus after the London 2012 Olympics. The time together in Italy provided an
opportunity for the girls to return to basics following their fifth place
performance last month at World Cup 2.

“Things have been going quite well since France,” said Jennerich. “It’s been great
to be in Corgeno (Italy) with a solid chunk of training time to just get dialed back
into the double. We had limited time before France and although we’re focusing on
some specifics of our stroke, a lot of improvement has come through just sinking
back in and letting things happen naturally. I very much look forward to racing in

The competitive lightweight events leave no room for error, as Jennerich and Obee
are well aware. Athletes not only have to worry about racing, they must also manage
their weight by stepping on a scale two hours prior to each race. One slip up in
weight management can be the difference between a podium finish and a B final.

Competition in all disciplines, needless to say, is heating up as coaches and crews
determine which events provide the best chance for a medal at the Rio Olympics, only
two short years away.

Every Canadian crew is looking to improve on their performance from last month. The
women’s team, led by John Keogh, has had consistent podium results since London
2012. His squad is determined to show the world that they are a group to be taken
seriously regardless of boat class. In Lucerne, the women’s eight (W8+) will be
intent on beating their American rivals and exacting some revenge in the North
American dominated event.

The men’s quad (M4X) of Buie, Dean, Braithwaite and Lussier, will be looking to
continue their medal winning ways after their bronze medal performance last month.
The women’s quad (W4X) of Cameron, Goodfellow, Zeeman and Von Seydlitz-Kurzbach will
be drawing inspiration from their male counterparts and recapture their winning
ways, as they are no strangers to the podium as reigning silver medalists from last
year’s World Rowing Championships.

The men’s four (M4-), having finished just shy of a medal in Lac d’Aiguebelette,
will be hungry for some shiny bling to hang around their necks this time around.
Julien Bahain, rowing the men’s single for Canada (M1X), will be looking to improve
upon his 6th place performance last month.

A line up change has been made to the women’s pair (W2-). Jen Martins and Kristen
Bauder will replace Mastracci and Grainger in an event that was completely dominated
last month by the Americans. Mastracci and Grainger will devote all of their
energies to the eight.

Following some encouraging results in Holland, the lightweight men’s four (LM4-) and
the lightweight men’s double (LM2X), under the direction of Al Morrow, are eager to
improve upon their standings from last month’s World Cup performances in France.
The men’s double (M2X) of Wilkinson and Van Knotsenberg are also motivated to climb
up the rankings in Switzerland.

The women’s four (W4-), which is not a part of the Olympic programme but is raced at
World Rowing Cup and World Rowing Championship regattas, is looking to trade in
their silver French medals for shiny Swiss gold ones.

Canadian crews are hoping to declare more than Swiss chocolate at the border upon
their return to Canada. As the pressure intensifies and the battleground switches
from France to Switzerland, the team would like nothing better than to have to
declare some precious metals at Canada Customs along with all the cocoa.

Racing begins Friday morning (local time) and the finals are scheduled for broadcast
on Rogers Sportnet One channel on Sunday, July 19, at 2pm EST/11am PDT.

Live streaming is available at
Lindsay Jennerich of Victoria, BC (University of Victoria)
Patricia Obee of Victoria, BC (Victoria City Rowing Club)

Nicolas Pratt of Kingston, ON (Kingston Rowing Club)
Alexander Walker of Victoria, BC (University of Victoria Rowing Club)

Brendan Hodge of Delta, BC (Brentwood College School & Burnaby Lake Rowing Club)
Maxwell Lattimer of Delta, BC (University of British Columbia Rowing)
Eric Woelfl of St. Catharines, ON (Brock University Rowing Club & Ridley Graduate
Boat Club)
Evan Cheng of Vancouver, BC (University of British Columbia Rowing)

Julien Bahain of Toulouse, France (Victoria City Rowing Club)

Michael Wilkinson of North Vancouver, BC (Burnaby Lake Rowing Club)
Steven Van Knotsenburg of Beamsville, ON (St. Catharines Rowing Club)

Will Crothers of Kingston, ON (Kingston Rowing Club)
Rob Gibson of Kingston, ON (Kingston Rowing Club)
Conlin McCabe of Brockville, ON (Brockville Rowing Club)
Kai Langerfeld of North Vancouver, BC, (University of Victoria Rowing Club)

Pascal Lussier of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC (Club d’Aviron Laval)
Michael Braithwaite of Duncan, BC (University of Toronto Rowing Club)
Will Dean of Kelowna, BC (Brentwood College School)
Matthew Buie of Duntroon, ON (St. Catharines Rowing Club)

Jennifer Martins of Toronron, ON (Don Rowing Club)
Kristin Bauder of Langley, BC (Western Rowing Club)

Emily Cameron of Summerside, PEI (Don Rowing Club)
Kate Goodfellow of Perth, ON (Ottawa Rowing Club)
Carling Zeeman of Cambridge, ON (Sudbury Rowing Club)
Antje Von Seydlitz-Kurzbach of Smithers, BC (University of Victoria Rowing Club)

Jennifer Martins of Toronron, ON (Don Rowing Club)
Kristin Bauder of Langley, BC (Western Rowing Club)
Christine Roper of Montego Bay, Jamaica (Western Rowing Club)
Ashley Brzozowicz of Toronto, ON (Peterborough Rowing Club)

Lisa Roman of Langley, BC (Western Rowing Club & University of the Fraser Valley
Cristy Nurse of Georgetown, ON (Ottawa Rowing Club)
Natalie Mastracci of Thorold, ON (St. Catharines Rowing Club)
Rosanne Deboef of Victoria, BC (Ottawa Rowing Club & Victoria City Rowing Club)
Susanne Grainger of London, ON (London Rowing Club)
Christine Roper of Montego Bay, Jamaica (Western Rowing Club)
Ashley Brzozowicz of Toronto, ON (Peterborough Rowing Club)
Lauren Wilkinson of North Vancouver, BC (Burnaby Lake Rowing Club)
Lesley Thompson-Willie of London, ON (London Rowing Club)