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By Raquel Ruiz

 July 10,2014(ISN) – Cornwall, ON- On the first day of competition, there were 25 bouts. 14 elite male and

11 Junior and youth male, opened the spirit of the tournament. For the first time, the

Golden Gloves Championships also opens the doors for boxers to get a spot for the

Nationals in October.

Many of the 150 boxers came to defend their titles, others who lost last year, came

back to get it this time.

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“We came last year and my boxer lost in a very tight bout. So this year we came to

make sure that he got the win,” Said Terrance Andrews, 60 kg Lentz-E Lundy’s coach

from Tristan gym, in Quebec.

Meanwhile, Sébastien Gauthier, trainer and six-time national champion stated how

proud he is to be in Cornwall as a coach helping a new generation of boxers get

exposure to boxers from other provinces.

“I’m proud to be here, it’s a beautiful tournament. The golden Gloves has been the

biggest tournament in every country. Before going to the Nationals Championships

you need to win the Golden Gloves. This is the tournament to be,” said Gauthier.

“We need to get out of our provinces, and see different styles, diverse boxers. It’s

the best warm up for the National Championships. Elite male boxers are learning to

box with no headgear without loosing the chance to go to the Nationals.” Gauthier


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Regardless of the fact that summer is a time when boxers get a break out of training

for vacation, this year’s Golden Gloves has attracted many more boxers. The

numbers have increased by 35%. Boxing Canada hopes to grow in 50% by 2015.

“We will be growing in numbers and in experience. This is our second year and we

have great results,” said Robert Crete, Boxing Canada Executive Director

The venue at the NAV Centre with the gigantic outdoor tent and two rings on the

banks of the Saint Lawrence River has become one of the favorite places for local

spectators, boxers, coaches to congregate and enjoy their favorite sport.

This year the competition has four doctors, two female and two male ready to assist

and take care of any problem.

“First day passed without any injury.” Said Dr. Ken Trinh, Medical Director for

Boxing Canada.

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The action in both rings was very uplifting and will continue tomorrow with two

sessions. Afternoon starts 13:00 ET and evening 19:00 ET with a total of 40 bouts.

“We had a very well contested night. The 75kg elite bout between Jeffrey Furtado

(QC) vs Mehdi Abidi (ON), was without doubt the fight of the night, it went back and

forth until the end,” said Roland Labbe, deputy supervisor.

Furtado won by a split decision 2-1 to Abidi.

The novices and open, as well as junior and youth were also a delight to watch.

“Most of the boxers are new to my eyes. Junior B and C were very well contested,

really competitive bouts.” Said Sonny Wong, chief of officials and a veteran of Boxing


“This is a great tournament.” Andrews said.