rowing regata

July 12,2014(ISN) – There were brilliant conditions for Nova Scotia’s first international regatta, with the first race convincingly won by Mexico’s Klaus Rasmussen. Local spectators were joined by travelling supporters to see junior rowers from Mexico, United States and Canada compete over the newly installed 2000m course at Lochaber Lake. 

Canadian crews faired well, with an initial steady stream of second place winners until Luke Gadsdon of Leander Boat Club won the junior men’s single scull (B final). 

After Gadsdon’s strong win, showing his teammates how it was done, Canada then went on to win five of the remaining seven races.  

Katie Griffin, one of two Row to Podium athletes on the team, won the junior women’s single scull by 17 seconds which was followed by a tight win by Canada’s junior men’s pair of Andrew Muth and Will MacTavish, all rowers training out of Victoria City Rowing Club.

Racing will continue tomorrow morning from 8:30am. 


Event 1: JM1X

1. K. Rasmussen, MEXICO               7:25.90

2. E. Smith, CANADA                        7:38.90

3. K. Turksonmez, USA                     7:47.40

Event 2: JW2-

1.  S. Ondak, M. Hart, USA               7:44.83

2. K. Massier, E Morrow, CANADA   7:54.04

3. P. Rojas, K Aguirre, MEXICO        8:03.74

Event 3: JW4+

1. A. Tarquinio, R. Carr, S. Lamos, S. Eble, I, Weiss, USA                                   7:13.43

2. T. Thompson, L. Cathrea, Y. Anguelov, S. Payne, G. Der, CANADA               7:23.13

3. V. Garcia, D. Obregon, S. Duncan, K. Saldivar, K. Almaguer, MEXICO           7:47.01

Event 4: JM2X

1. B. Mora, A. Lopez MEXICO         6:42.73

2. J. Muller, L. Lefort CANADA        6:57.74

3. S. Sands, S. Burdge US              7:18.46

Event 5: JM1X (B)

1. L. Gadsdon, CANADA                 7:39.44

2. P. Lopez, MEXICO                      7:46.66 

3. I. Clemens, USA                         7:59.41

Event 6: JW2- (B)

1. Y. Ensminger, B. Danvers, CANADA                  8:00.06

2. P. De Los Santos, M. Garcia MEXICO               8:23.19

Event 7: JW1X

1. K. Griffin, CANADA                           8:13.82 

2. M. Arrillaga, MEXICO                       8:30.82 

3. M. Felix, USA                                    8:40.73

Event 8: JM2-

1. A. Muth, W. MacTavish, CANADA                                 7:02.18 

2. J. Barboza, M. Reze, MEXICO                                      7:03.67 

3. M. Tomszewski, J. Best, USA                                        7:14.42

Event 9: JM4+

1. D. Babikian, L. Pratt, J. Taintor, R. Robinson, B. CAtaldo (C), USA                                             6:34.00

2. J. Casson, T. Tucker, M. Krakowec Tickner, T. Hayton, M. Wightman (C), CANADA                  6:44.71

3. A. Lopez, E. Darrasco, G. Lizarraga, J. Rubio, S. Gomez (C), MEXICO                                      6:45.07

Event 10: JW2X

1. L. Munro, M. Mailey, CANADA                     7:39.49

2. K. Ramirez, V. Hernandez, MEXICO           7:50.09

3. I. Wothe, M. Wothe, USA                             8:06.29

Event 11: JW1X

1. L. Vander Hoeven, CANADA                           9:00.55

2. M. McPherson, USA                                        9:14.85

2. M. Marroquin, MEXICO                                   9:36.11

Event 12: JM2-

1. M. Gonzalez, E. Salazar, MEXICO              7:43.63

2. C. Chater, R. Alfieri, USA                            7:50.31 

3. L. Howley, A. Pilon, CANADA                      8:11.18