rowing reg 2

 July 13,2014(ISN) – Another beautiful day at Lochaber Lake greeted spectators, rowers and the many volunteers for the final races of the CanAmMex Regatta. 

Canada got off to a great start with a convincing win in the junior women’s quadruple scull. The crew of Lauren Vander Hoeven, Katie Griffin, Louise Munro and Madison Mailey started well and took the lead early, pulling out to a eight second margin at the finish line. 

The junior men’s quadruple scull was a tighter race but Mexico looked to easily break free to take the win, completing a successful week of racing for Mexico’s male scullers. 

The junior men’s and women’s eights were both won by USA. 

The regatta will formally conclude with an Awards Banquet taking place this evening. 

Event 1: JW4X

  1. L. Vander Hoevev, K. Griffin, L. Munro, M. Mailey CANADA                              6:48.60
  2. M. Arrillaga, K. Ramirez, V. Hernandez, V. Garcia MEXICO                              6:57.20
  3. M. Wothe, I. Wothe, M. McPherson, M. Felix USA                                             6:59.43

Event 2: JM8+

  1. M. Tomaszewski, J. Best, L. Pratt, D. Babikian, J. Taintor, C. Chater, R. Alfierei, R. Robinson, B. Cataldo (c) USA                                        5:51.13
  2. A. Muth, A. Pilon, J. Casson, W. MacTavish, L. Howley, T. Tucker, M. Krakowec Tickner, T. Hayton. M. Wightman (c) CANADA                  5:57.20
  3. A. Lopez, G. Lizarraga, E. Carrasco, J. Barboza, M. Reza, J. Rubio, M. Gonzalez, E. Salazar, S. Gomez (c) MEXICO                                  6:06.37

Event 3: JM4X

  1. B. Mora, K. Rasmussen, P. Lopez, C. Marquez MEXICO                        6:09.36
  2. L. Gadsdon, J. Muller, L. Lefort, E. Smith CANADA                                 6:13.92
  3. S. Sands, S. Burdge, I. Clemens, K. Turksonmez USA                            6:17.82

Event 4: JW8+

  1. A. Lange, A. Tarquinio, C. Shepley, R, Carr, S. Ondak, M. Hart, S. Lamos, S. Eble, I. Weiss (c) USA                                                 6:27.26
  2. T. Thompson, K. Cathrea, Y. Ensminger, E. Morrow, Y. Anguelov, S. Payne, K. Massier, B. Danvers CANADA                                 6:32.16
  3. P. Rojas, K. Salvidar, S. Duncan, D. Obregon, P. De Los Santos, M. Garcia, E. Curiel. M. Marroquin. K. Almaguer (c) MEXICO       6:47.28