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15th July 2014 (ISN)

Story by Adam Wardrop (ISN)

Photos by Andy Laing (ISN)



Louise and Kimberly Renicks – picture courtesy of Andy Laing(ISN)

Sisters Kimberly and Louise will be representing Scotland for the Commonwealth Games Judo.

Kimberly and Lousie both top the UK leagues for their respective weight classes, Louise at 52kg and Kimberly at 48Kg, and are hotly tipped to medal at the Games in Glasgow this summer.

Next week is the culmination of a long and tough journey to the games.

“There is a year and a half process, so there was a points table and a list of events to go to. The top 7 would go through from the table. In the womens category we had about 9 people chasing, so two wouldn’t get through.”

Kimberly and Louise have been fighting and training together for several years in what is clearly a family passion..

“When I was four years old he [my Dad] put me on the mat and [Louise] was about 11?”

“Our dad was always a fitness guy. He just through it would be good for his girls to learn as sport to protect themselves.”

“Kimberly was the youngest in the family so she’d be getting dragged along anyway. Sitting at the side just watching she’d eventually want to join in.”

It was even possible that we would only have one of the sisters to cheer on this summer; thankfully it didn’t turn out that way due to the family’s competitive nature.

“We’ve got a brother, so me and my brother were there but at the start I didn’t really like it and I left, then my brother came home with different colour belts and medals and I’m quite competitive so I decided to go back. Since then I’ve never looked back.”

The sisters are competing at different weights this time round, unlike their most recent Olympic bid. Unfortunately when they meet on the mat the story has been one-sided, so far.

 “Big sister’s always won. The first two times she beat me quite easily. Then after that I would start to win the fight but at the end of the fight she’d always be able to pull it out the bag.”

Thankfully, in-spite of the score, there’s still drive in Kimberly to get the better of her.

“I’ll get her back one time”

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Louise and Kimberly Renicks – picture courtesy of Andy Laing(ISN)

In the games both girls will be facing some tough competition throughout, Louise is likely to meet Team Canada’s 52KG Judoka Audrée Francis-Métho, who is 9 years younger but less experienced.

“We’ve been on the circuit together so we know a bit about each other. We could be together for our first fight or later in the competition.”

The judo calendar is rather unforgiving. Once the games finish there will be a very brief rest for the sisters before preparing for their next completion, then the Olympic qualification.

“There’s a big competition coming up. We’ve got a little bit of a break then it’s back and then onto qualifying for the Olympic games in 2016.”

Once the judo is finished you’ll likely see the girls catching as much of the games as possible. Both are avid rugby fans and also want to see what tips and tricks they can pick up from the other athletes as well as pick up the atmosphere.

“I think no matter where you go, they’ll be a buzz and we’re going to get carried away with it.”

Here at ISN we wish them the very best and we look forward to catching up with them at the games next week.