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SZEGED, HUNGARY – Three Canadian crews advanced to A-finals on the second day of competition at the 2014 ICF Canoe Sprint Junior and Under 23 World Championships in Szeged, Hungary.

This is the third of four K4 events in which Canada has advanced to the final. The Junior Men’s K4 crew had the unfortunate luck of drawing the fastest heat and did not advance despite a solid race.The U23 Men’s K4 crew won their semi-final to claim a spot in the final. Pierre-Luc Poulin (Lac Beauport, QC), Brian Malfesi (Maple Ridge, BC), Adam Tenwolde (Dartmouth, NS) and Étienne Beauchesne (Trois Rivières, QC) will race the final on Sunday.

In Junior Women’s C2 500, Juliette Brault (Pointe-Claire, QC) and Katie Vincent (Mississauga, ON) won their heat and advanced directly to the final.

Alexa Irvin (Kentville, NS) and Andreanne Langlois (Trois Rivières, QC) also advanced to the final in the U23 Women’s K2 500 after a successful fight for the third spot in their semi-final.

The 200 metre heats also took place today and all ten Canadian boats are through to the semi-finals taking place tomorrow afternoon in Hungary. Tomorrow will start off with A-finals from yesterday’s program as Canada’s two women’s K4 crews will both line up in the Junior and Under 23 events. The Championships will wrap up on Sunday with the finals of today’s program and 200 metre finals.

Summary of Results




Pierre-Luc Poulin (Lac Beauport, QC)

Brian Malfesi (Maple Ridge, BC)

Adam Tenwolde (Dartmouth, NS)

Étienne Beauchesne (Trois Rivières, QC)

U23 Men’s K4 1000

1st in semi (2:55.28)

Advanced to A-final

Juliette Brault (Pointe-Claire, QC)

Katie Vincent (Mississauga, ON)

Junior Women’s C2 500

1st in heat (2:02.25)

Advanced to A-final

Alexa Irvin (Kentville, NS)

Andreanne Langlois (Trois Rivières, QC)

U23 Women’s K2 500

3rd in semi (1:46.21)

Advanced to A-final

August Madison Sibthorpe (Ottawa, ON)

Arianne Cyr (Lac Beauport, QC)

Junior Women’s K2 500

4th in semi (1:49.13)

Advanced to B-final

Victor Turcanu (Ottawa, ON)

Maxence Beauchesne (Trois Rivières, QC)

James Lavallee (Winnipeg, MB)

Robert Laureijs (Dartmouth, NS)

Junior Men’s K4 1000

6th in heat (3:06.67)

Samantha Hall (Dartmouth, NS)

U23 Women’s K1 500

7th in semi (1:56.81)

Olivia Denman (Dartmouth, NS)

Junior Women’s K1 500

8th in semi (2:07.67)

200m heats     

James Lavallee (Winnipeg, MB)

Junior Men’s K1 200

3rd in heat (37.797)

Advanced to semi

Olivia Denman (Dartmouth, NS)

Junior Women’s K1 200

5th in heat (44.470)

Advanced to semi

David Provost (Lachine, QC)

Junior Men’s C1 200

6th in heat (44.027)

Advanced to semi

Katie Vincent (Mississauga, ON)

Junior Women’s C1 200

1st in heat (47.859)

Advanced to semi

Alex Scott (Halifax, NS)

U23 Men’s K1 200

4th in heat (36.500)

Advanced to semi

Ailish McNulty (Dartmouth, NS)

U23 Women’s K1 200

4th in heat (44.335)

Advanced to semi

Jason McCoombs (Dartmouth, NS)

U23 Men’s C1 200

2nd in heat (40.014)

Advanced to semi

Taylor Potts (Toronto, ON)

U23 Women’s C1 200

2nd in heat (49.358)

Advanced to semi

Maxence Beauchesne (Trois Rivières, QC)

Zane Clarke (Selkirk, MB)

Junior Men’s K2 200

4th in heat (34.193)

Advanced to semi

Marc-Alexandre Gagnon (Trois Rivières, QC)

Charles Antoine Girouard (Trois Rivières, QC)

U23 Men’s K2 200

2nd in heat (32.522)

Advanced to heat